Bakersfield Chiropractor Scores with Kid Video

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There’s something about excited and likable kids that gets our attention in advertising. They come across so innocent and often times just tell it like it is. I know one Bakersfield father that’s pretty impressed with the results of an online video, which features one of his three daughters talking about the benefits of chiropractic care, and how her dad is the greatest.

Kayli Ryan says that her dad is the best chiropractor in Bakersfield (photo: screenshot of Kayli Ryan, daughter of Bakersfield chiropractor, Dr. Jim Ryan)

According to Kayli Ryan, her dad is the best chiropractor in Bakersfield, at least that’s what she told me when I spoke to her in August 2007, while her family was attending a chiropractic conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

I was attending the three-day chiropractic event, taking pictures and talking to chiropractors, and creating content for the Planet Chiropractic website. The hallways were full of children playing games, while their parents sat inside the conference room and listened to event lecturers.

I was in the hallway, testing out the video features on my Casio Exlim digital camera, when I had the idea to ask some of the kids questions about chiropractic. What was initially a video that would never leave my SD card, ended up getting posted to a video sharing site for friends and family to view. It wasn’t until this weekend that I discovered Dr. Jim Ryan was getting new patients from people viewing the video, and it motivated me to develop this article.

Nothing was rehearsed, and if you’ve already watched the video you can tell it’s not of high quality. I wasn’t even using a video camera, just a digital camera that had minor video capabilities. But there’s something very key about this video that makes it work. Yes it has a cute kid, and she talks highly of her dad, and his chiropractic practice.

She says a lot of her friends go to her dad’s office, she says he’s been in practice for a long time, she recommends him for adults, and answers yes to being asked if he is gentle with his chiropractic care (and he gets good results), but the key thing (that had me pleasantly surprised) was that young Kayli knew the phone number to her dads chiropractic office.

When I asked her do you know the phone number to the office? she excitedly answered… yeah, it’s 661-589-3427. Without having mentioned that, I doubt we would have ever heard that Dr. James Ryan was getting calls from new patients as a result of Kayli’s interview. Amazing, since Dr. Jim doesn’t even have a chiropractic website.

For those of you interested, here’s Kayli’s dads office information…
James Ryan, D.C. — 661-589-3427
2701 Calloway Dr. #402 Bakersfield, CA 93301 @ 9:15 pm | Article ID: 1203398156