Reggie Gold’s Message For The Millennium

“There was no year zero.” – Reggie Gold
The following are excerpts from an audio recording of Reggie Gold, D.C., speaking in December of 2000. Listen to the audio and enjoy the talk.

It’s not your job to get sick people well. Let’s start thinking dammit. Think, Think, Think.

Your job is to get rid of the vertebral subluxation, and if you keep your people subluxation free, you’ve done a perfect job. I don’t care what technique you use. The thing is you have to be able to recognize when they are subluxated. There’s no better condition to be in, then subluxation free.

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Structure is always related to function. You must alter structural design to change the function. A vertebral subluxation is a change in the structure of the body. Changing the structure of the body, changes the function of the body. If you alter the structure of the body, with a vertebral subluxation, you alter the function of the body.

Every vertebral subluxation without exception has a negative effect upon the body, not necessarily upon the symptoms of the body. This focus on symptoms has choked and destroyed the chiropractors ability to know his own profession.

Symptoms are not the first stage of disease. Doesn’t it make sense to keep a person subluxation free all the time whether they have a symptom or not?

You don’t know your sick until you manifest symptoms, and by the time you manifest symptoms the sickness is already well advanced. You must know that when there is a vertebral subluxation, whether you can find symptoms or not, the body is not perfect. The body cannot function perfectly in the presence of a vertebral subluxation. And incidently, a subluxation also interferes with mental health, with spiritual health, with speed, with stamina. What the hell is this linking chiropractic to medical symptoms?

Understand that the way you have been practicing is great. But it could be better. Think, would you like to spend the next year being the way you were last year, or do you really want to get better?

Do you want to get better? Then think about how you personally can get better.

What are you going to do next year to make you a better chiropractor than you were this year? If you can decide that, we have moved everything forward. If you don’t decide that… then, very easily your going to get up next year, your going to do the same damn thing and your going to say “well I’m helping my community” and it’s true, “I’m a good chiropractor” and it’s true. But you could be better.

Get checked every week.
If you and your spouse and your kids wanted to see the chiropractor every week, could you afford to go to you? Because if you can’t, nobody else can either. Maybe we should do something about our fee systems.

Insurance companies will not pay for chiropractic. They never have and they never will. They will pay you instead to give up chiropractic and prostitute yourself by practicing manipulative medicine. They will not pay for chiropractic care. They’ll pay chiropractors to practice something other than chiropractic care… to practice manipulative medicine. And they have all these different codes in their computers… and the chiropractors can then lie about it and say “no, this is a chiropractic case.”

It’s a new century coming up. (2001) Are you going to do the same old thing. Are you going to continue the same old excuses, or are you seriously going to think about what you should be doing?

I am not offering you an easy way out. I am offering you an opportunity to consider doing the right thing. You became a chiropractor to do the right thing, now do it!

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