Fellow Guardians Of The World Within

By Stew Bittman

! No, that’s not a typo. That is an honest to goodness exclamation point. A noble punctuation mark, indeed, and it best describes my current state. There is an underlying excitement to every moment; a peaceful, easy feeling of connection and synchronicity, cradled in the arms of Spirit. I feel as if the universe was putting on a show, written by my thoughts, starring a cast of thousands of fellow travelers, and directed by God.

I can feel Innate tugging on my sleeve, saying, “come on, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for this!” Opportunities lurk behind every tick of the clock. My life is beginning to look a lot like my dreams. I can see a progression in punctuation, as far as my adult life goes. Initially it was like a colon. Shitty. Then for a long time, it was the age of the comma. Marking time, pausing, experimenting, basically seeing how many different chemicals my liver could detoxify. Pretty amazing organ, thank God.

Something was waiting on the other side of the comma, but damned if I knew what it was. It turned out to be chiropractic. Through chiropractic I caught a glimpse of the truth. Then I entered into the question mark era. My brain wanted answers to things it had never even previously questioned. I wasn’t ready for a lot of the answers I got, and the ones I was ready for only birthed additional questions. Many layers began melting around my heart though, and my seeking and questioning stirred up my passion for life and for the discovery and the expression of my gifts.

Through the discipline I developed in my meditation and my other spiritual work, I found large pieces of my Self, which led to the period period. I had evolved spiritually, and my ego found something new to sink its teeth into. I knew it all; there was nothing else to seek. I didn’t need anyone or anything; didn’t need to hear anything or read anything. This cosmic arrogance somehow didn’t stop the universe from continuing to work me. My journey had brought me to a semi-colon. Half shitty. The half when I was still in my head, still attempting to run the show.

! Man, it feels good to type that. Exclamation points bring up awe and adventure and passion and letting go and joy and freedom. Everything I want in my life, and everything that is beginning to manifest. Chiropractic should always be written with an exclamation point after it. The principle is a masterpiece of thot, a road map for self-discovery and self-expression, a beautiful and incredibly impactful idea. We’ve had numerous people heal up during my talk lately! And the adjustment is a living, loving expression of the principle, changing lives wherever we take it. Such a deal – as we work our principle, it lovingly and perfectly works us. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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