The Gospel of Good Health

ABC News reports on the power that made the body with an article titled: “Science Meets Spirituality – Doctors, Clergy Discuss Higher Power, Healing”

According to the article, nearly 700 health care professionals, and others, will be meeting this weekend to discuss, none other than the power of prayer. Discussions will be held at a conference known as the “Spirituality and Healing in Medicine” conference.

Spirituality and Healing in Medicine? What is this, some sort of quackery convention? Actually, the event is sponsored by Harvard Medical School and the focus is to “discuss the integration of mind/body medicine into mainstream health care,” according to the article.

The hopes of some of those at the conference, according to the article, is to “convince medical practitioners and the population in general that faith not only feels better, it’s better for us physically.”

The article states that more than 1000 studies have been done on the healing powers of faith and on the effects spirituality has on health. According to the article, there have also been studies done that show evidence that meditation positively affects people suffering from a number of ill-health conditions.

Some, according to the article, believe that meditation could reduce visits to medical doctors’ offices “by 35 percent to 50 percent a year.” But don’t expect your insurance to pay for it, since according to the article, “health insurance is meant to pay for medical care.”


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