Something For Your Spanish-Speaking Patients

by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

According to a news report today from Routers Health, the inability for doctors to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients may be undermining the health-care that Latinos receive across the United States.

A survey conducted among Spanish-speaking Latinos found that nearly one in five put off going to the doctor or avoided going to the doctor as a result of language barriers with an English-speaking health-care provider. Doctors on the other hand, stated that cost issues are keeping them from providing Spanish-speaking health-care personnel in their practices.

The article suggests that language is not the only factor that is hampering adequate health-care for Latinos. Access to health coverage and income factors play a role as well but according to the article, poor communication between the doctor and the patient is likely to play a greater role as America’s Spanish-speaking population continues to grow.

How does this affect chiropractors? How well are you communicating the message of chiropractic to the Spanish-speaking people in your community? Hopefully we can help. Just last week we finished the creation of a 30 minute video introduction to chiropractic that is entirely in Spanish. The video features doctor Luis Ocon (of Panama mission fame) introducing chiropractic to a roomful of new patients in his office.

The talk is a very principled one. Dr. Ocon uses flip charts from Reggie Gold, posters from Dr. Fred Schofield, and a white board to diagram the brain and spinal cord and explain the importance of vertebral subluxation correction.

This 30 minute educational video is available to view online (you must have a cable or DSL modem connection) on our chiropractic audio-video pages. The video is also available for purchase on VHS so that you can play it in your office. The cost for this digitally recorded and digitally edited 30 minute all Spanish video is only $49 (U.S. funds) plus shipping and handling. You can order the video online by clicking here or you can call us toll-free (U.S. and Canada only please) at 866 752-9230.

If you’re watching the video online, be sure to have the latest version of RealPlayer installed so that you can enjoy the best quality audio and video clarity and speed available. Click here for a direct link to the video page.

Tell the story, tell it often, and tell it in as many ways as you can.

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