Medical marijuana vending machines in West Los Angeles

by Daria Belov

Automated vending machines that provide medical marijuana are now in service in parts of West Los Angeles, California. The high tech machines, known as AVMs, will provide prescription marijuana users with after hours access to products like Wild Cherry and Purple Kush.

For those outside the state of California, this is no joke, the sales of medical marijuana have been growing throughout the state, and new cannabis dispensaries have been opening steadily in metro areas like Los Angeles.

medical marijuana Los Angeles The new medical marijuana vending machines are available in two locations of West Los Angeles, both in the mid-Wilshire district. What could be mistaken as the name of a personal injury based chiropractic office, or a physical therapy center, the Melrose Avenue located office called Melrose Quality Pain Relief, is a place to pick up one’s bud.

The other office, Herbal Nutrition Center (HNC), sounds like a place one could pick up organic produce and nutritional products. The only organics you’ll likely find here are their popular selling Purple Kush, which is an indica strain reportedly used to treat chronic pain.

A local CBS news station was recently on location at the HNC and filmed this broadcast which can be watched via YouTube.

According to the news reports these vending machines are the first in the state of California, the first in the nation, and first in the world, that dispense medical marijuana. How it works is that patients go to the dispensary first, show their medical marijuana prescription cards, pick out the choice of marijuana they want to purchase, are fingerprinted, and then receive an access card for vending machine use.

According to the news report, with the access card patients will have access to the store after hours, where they will be greeted by a security guard. They use the same card to access the AVM and receive their dosage of marijuana. Owners of the automated vending units believe the machines will provide greater convenience for patients at a lesser expense.

There hasn’t been much chiropractic coverage related to the topic of medical marijuana, except for this ganja guru article, but it’s an issue many chiropractors in the state of California are dealing with. It’s not uncommon for California Chiropractors to receive solicitation from local medical doctors seeking patient referrals for potential clients. No word yet on any joint (pun intended) offices run by pain based chiropractors and medical doctors, that would certainly be a Crack Pot facility. (Okay, lighten up) @ 1:13 pm | Article ID: 1201727621