ABC Sticking it to Pediatricians with Eli Stone Series Premiere

by Daria Belov

Eli Stone Series Premiere on Thursday, January 31 has some pediatricians apparently throwing temper tantrums. The anticipated series premiere of this legal drama, which features actor Jonny Lee Miller in the role of Eli Stone, debuts with a story involving the topic of vaccines, the mercury-based preservative known as thimerosal, and a drug company cover-up.

vaccines Mercury autism The show will be airing on Thursday night after Lost, a very popular series about survivors of a plane crash.

The topic of vaccines in connection with any type of childhood disorder brings on some seriously heated debates. Topics such as autism, concerns about mercury preservatives in vaccines, and heavy-metal type poisoning symptoms have gained greater awareness in major media during the past year or so.

According to news reports, the American Academy of Pediatrics, has issued a reactionary statement regarding a recent New York Times article about the upcoming show. The organization has also sent a public letter to ABC asking that the network cancel the show’s episode. The reaction is similar to actions of chiropractic organizations strongly opposing the airing of a CBS broadcast of the show 2 1/2 men, in which several jokes were made regarding chiropractors.

ABC is defending its stance on the episode and the broadcast is expected to air as scheduled on Thursday night. At the time of writing this article, ABC is displaying Google adsense ads for searches related to the show’s title.

An interesting comment regarding the Thursday broadcast appeared in Google News, from David Kirby, author of the book Evidence of Harm. Kirby mentions that there are millions of unvaccinated children in the United States. He wants to know why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention won’t support a study comparing unvaccinated children to those that have received vaccinations. A link was provided to representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) who has proposed funding for such a study.

There are dozens of Planet Chiropractic articles related to the topic of the thimerosal preservative, as well as topics related to autism.

Some of the more popular articles include posts related to Autism in Court (the ABC show may have been modeled off of this), mercury poisoning and flu vaccines, thimerosal safety studies, children’s flu vaccines and concerns regarding mercury content, consumption of tuna and concerns related to mercury (there is fresh news regarding this topic, search: Oceana and the Mercury Policy Project), vaccine links, some 2002 news related to Chairman Dan Burton and the Committee on Government Reform, investigating the status of research into vaccine safety, and news from 2001 suggesting that concerns regarding vaccine safety are increasing.

Most interesting in the 2001 article (Vaccine Safety Concerns Are Up), was a report that nearly 70% of doctors surveyed stated patient worries have risen regarding vaccination, and more than one third of those same physicians reported having concerns of their own. That was seven years ago.

On September 18, 2007, actress and author Jenny McCarthy appeared on Oprah, to openly discuss her thoughts on autism and vaccination. While unlike ABC’s Eli, which is a comedy drama fantasy type program, certain groups were not particularly pleased with the increased attention the topic of vaccinating children received in that broadcast. @ 10:02 pm | Article ID: 1201672984