Vaccine Safety Concerns Are Up

Vaccine safety concerns among parents and physicians have been increasing in the past few years. According to an article recently published on UniSci, recent publicity regarding vaccine safety issues has patients and physicians reporting greater concern when it comes to some vaccines.

According to the article, nearly 70 percent of doctors surveyed in the U.S. stated that patient worries have risen recently and more than one-third of the same physicians surveyed reported that their own concerns regarding vaccination had also increased.

An increasing concern has resulted in more parents refusing to allow their child to receive particular vaccines, according to the article. Up to one-third of family physicians surveyed and 12 percent of pediatricians surveyed said they do not recommend particular vaccines to parents either routinely or occasionally, due to concerns of safety and or effectiveness, according to the article.

The article suggests that “skeptical vaccination information on the Internet” has also fed fears and misconceptions about the effectiveness of vaccination. Yet those involved in the survey, reported that issues related to the roto-virus vaccine (which was pulled from the market) and concerns over vaccine additives such as thimerosal have played a role in their increased concern regarding vaccine safety. According to the article, just over one-third of all physicians surveyed said the roto-virus vaccine recall had increased their concern.

Some are blaming rumors and speculation for the cause of greater public concern and they are recommending the public read government created vaccination literature for more info. Check this site for lots of sources of vaccine literature and related links for books that focus on the topic of vaccination.

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