Put Intention in Your Office Finances

By Michelle Moore

Your INTENTION is the most important part of the business of Chiropractic (especially towards patient care). You must have a clearly defined intention behind everything that your office does. Most Chiropractic offices don’t even realize how important intention is in dealing with patient finances.

When finances are in order, both the patient and the doctor benefit. The patient gets the care that their body desires and the doctor is happy. Some offices have this by design, some by accident, and some not at all. When pursuing financial agreements, a clearly defined intention will ensure success most of the time.

intention - what you bring about
intention – what you bring about
If the office is having financial challenges, you can bet that the intent is off. The staff may not understand the importance of fair trade or the doctor may only be thinking of the next bill. Either way, no one is thinking about serving the patients. Dr. Fred Schofield says that “collections are a by-product of services rendered.” With the intent to serve, services increase and you increase billings and collections.

If your only intent is to collect the money now, then your actions and collections will show it. For successful finances in your office try these three procedures.

1. Send out your billings on a regular weekly schedule instead of when you think of it.
2. Make financial agreements in a timely manner focused solely on what the patient needs.
3. Address any issues to collections right away.

I know that this all sounds simple, yet I haven’t met one office that had all of these procedures down pat.

If you or your staff find it difficult to collect from the insurance company, then you need to look at your intention. If your staff dreads sending out the billing, then you won’t get much in return. If getting patient insurance information is drab, then you may find that you didn’t get what you thought. If balances are ignored, people will have a huge barrier that pushes them away from your office and closer to dis-ease.

An intention to serve when working with patient finances or billing insurance companies produces the best results. With the changes of scope and insurance policies, your intention is more important than ever!

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Michelle N. Moore, BS, MBA; from Michelle’s Billing Service, Inc. has worked in the administration and billing of successful chiropractic offices for over 14 years. Our intention is to help you serve your patients.

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