Top Chiropractors in the United States

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A few weeks ago I began compiling a list of the top 100 chiropractors in the world. My intention when creating the list was to find out which doctors of chiropractic had been the most influential to doctors in practice today. In other words, who were (or are) the biggest movers and shakers in the chiropractic profession. The names that came back were mostly what I expected. Chiropractic leaders such as BJ Palmer, DD Palmer, Reggie Gold, Sid Williams, James Sigafoose, Sylvia Ashworth, Carl Cleveland, Ian Grassam, Tom Gelardi, Joe Flesia and Guy Riekeman have been suggested several times and the list continues to grow. It appears now though that we will be creating more than one list as a result of an experience I had this past weekend.

On Saturday, August 5, 2006 I was hanging out in the pool at the Four Seasons Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a typical chiropractic Saturday afternoon in the hot Phoenix sun. About 20 chiropractors and myself were engaged in a swimming contest to see who could swim the greatest length underwater without coming up for air. This was purely an event of endurance, along with some testosterone and a bit of discipline. While the event went on, at the side of the pool we were engaged in the discussion of some of the greatest chiropractors known. I began talking about our top 100 chiropractors and the feedback I received made me realize we would be creating more than one list.

Yes, we will have a list of the top 100 chiropractic influencers of all time. What was brought to my attention on Saturday though is that there were and continue to be chiropractors that people will travel hundreds of miles for and even get on planes to go see. BJ Palmer certainly had that reputation but we’d like to find out who has such a reputation today.

Michael Moore in Panama (photo taken in 2002)I can tell you in the years that I’ve been traveling in United States and other parts of the world there are a handful of chiropractors that come to mind for me. One such chiropractor is Dr. Michael Moore. Michael is a graduate of Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. He is a third-generation chiropractor practicing in Redding, California. I had a chance to speak with Michael over the past weekend and plan to get some of the audio online. I’ll put a link right here when the file is available.

I remember being in Panama several years ago and watching Michael adjust a woman that had not stood up in some 10 years. This woman had some condition that resulted in her body remaining totally straight. I remember watching a group of people carrying her into the city gymnasium and then laying her on the floor. Michael worked on her for quite awhile and there must have been 30 or 40 people in a circle around them. I believe Michael and his wife went home with the woman and her family that night and he continued to provide chiropractic care for her throughout the next day. We can get into the details of the story at another time. The point is that Michael Moore is one of those chiropractors that other chiropractors turn to for guidance and assistance when it comes to healing.

One of the doctors from the weekend was telling me that he’s known of chiropractors that have taken an airline trip to go stay with Michael and his family when they’ve needed “crisis chiropractic care.” I’m not talking ultrasound and cold lasers, I’m talking hands-on chiropractic above-down-inside-out healing.

There are probably hundreds of chiropractors like Dr. Moore throughout the world. We’d like to share their stories. E-mail me by clicking on the envelope image at the top of this article and tell us what you know about the greatest chiropractic hands-on healers in your life. @ 7:53 am | Article ID: 1155232425