University of Bridgeport Brings the World to Chiropractic

by Frank Zolli, DC, Ed.D.

When we decided to create a chiropractic college within a comprehensive university, our vision was in part to bring the world to chiropractic. The future presidents of companies, future researchers, future CEO’s, future politicians, future business owners, etc., all have one thing in common, an education from an academic center of excellence. Many chiropractic entities strive to bring chiropractic to the world and although we strongly applaud and support every effort to do so, we choose to fulfill that mission in part by positioning the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic (UBCC) in such a manner that the world comes to us.

One of the oldest adages in business is, “Location, location, location” and we have learned our lesson well. When we positioned the physical location of the chiropractic college within the campus, we created our classes and clinics directly in the heart of the main campus. This way, every student sees our very conspicuous presence, and many are seen as chiropractic patients in the UB Clinics, while chiropractic students are concurrently interacting with the general population of students, sharing many of the University’s facilities. Currently, there are over 5,100 students enrolled in the University of Bridgeport, all having exposure to chiropractic. Multiply that by over 2 decades of leaders in the following fields of study:

Business Administration
Computer Sciences
Computer Engineering
Computer Applications
Criminal Justice
Dental Hygiene
Fashion Merchandising
General Studies: Natural Sciences, Math, Social Sciences, Humanities, Science, Engineering
Graphic Design
Health Sciences: Nutrition, Pre-Pharmacy, Exercise, Community Health, Environmental Health
Human Services
Industrial Design
Interior Design
International Business
Management & Industrial Relations
Martial Arts Studies
Music Education
Social Sciences: International Studies, Pre-Law
World Religion

Biomedical Engineering
Business Administration
Computer Engineering
Computer Sciences
Dental Hygiene
Educational Leadership
Electrical Engineering
Global Development
Instructional Technology
Naturopathic Medicine
Mechanical Engineering
Physician Assistant
Technology Management

The University of Bridgeport has graduated leaders in every one of these fields during our presence on campus with a significant amount of these students as our patients in the student clinics because of our location and education. These current and past students have established themselves across the country and the world with many in positions of influence in the courts and legislative bodies. Others are in a position to influence the inclusion of chiropractic care in company health insurance policies. Still others are in a multitude of fields having an understanding and respect for chiropractic with many experiencing chiropractic first-hand.

UBCC has long understood the power of “Location, location, location,” and we also appreciate the importance of being in control of the chiropractic message while educating the future leaders of the world. This has enabled the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic to bring chiropractic to the world and we will continue to do so for many more decades. Due to the unique positioning of UBCC, we have never functioned in the “business as usual environment” and will continue to strive to encourage our faculty and students to educate both our community and the student population. That is our vision and commitment to bring chiropractic to the world.

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