Foot Levelers Partners with Life West to Advance Chiropractic Education

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Foot Levelers, Inc., an avid and generous supporter of chiropractic education and the profession, has partnered with Life Chiropractic College West in a multi-phased project to be completed over the course of several years. This comprises the second $250,000 pledge of a donation totaling $500,000. The agreement includes a donation of orthotic scanning equipment, positioning imaging technology and expert training. Patients of Life West’s health center will also benefit as they will receive educational materials, evaluation services and Foot Levelers products. Life West students will also gain access to the latest orthotic technology, and receive the in-depth clinical training needed to provide the highest level of care to their patients.

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Foot Levelers Booth at Chiropractic Conference

“Foot Levelers is proud to be a part of the Life West community,” said Kent S. Greenawalt, President and CEO of Foot Levelers. “These students are the chiropractors of the future and will help to further advance our profession. In my opinion, there is no better place to invest than chiropractic education.”

A dedication ceremony is planned for Wednesday, August 3 (2 days before The Wave), where the Life West Health Center will be renamed “The Monte H. Greenawalt Health Center of Life Chiropractic College West”. In addition, “The Foot Levelers Support and Rehabilitation Center” will be housed within the Health Center where Life West students will utilize the newest equipment related to patient assessment, structural support and active rehabilitation.

Life Chiropractic College West President, Dr. Brian Kelly, expressed his profound gratitude and stated, “As we continue to provide the highest quality in chiropractic education, Foot Levelers has made it possible to bring in state-of-the-art technology and provide a deeper level of support to all our students. The Monte H. Greenwalt Health Center of Life Chiropractic College West will serve as a daily tribute to a man who believed in giving back to the community.”

Foot Levelers — Foot Levelers, Inc., the world’s exclusive provider of custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers and other therapeutic products, has been serving healthcare professionals for more than 58 years. Foot Levelers supports every step patients take to enjoy fuller and happier lives at work, or at play.

Life Chiropractic College West — Life West, established in 1976, is an accredited non-profit institution of higher learning. Currently over 400 students from across the United States and abroad are enrolled, and over 4,000 graduates of Life West are now providing chiropractic care worldwide. The college’s Health Center, a public outpatient facility staffed by approximately 150 senior interns who are guided by licensed doctors of chiropractic, provides affordable health care to more than 1,500 patients per week in the city of Hayward, California. The college and Health Center maintain a Web site at

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