My Fellow Travelers On The Red Road

From: Stew Bittman

My pen has lain quiet for months. After finally getting my anthology together, it seemed as if there was nothing left to say. Indeed I find myself wondering where all those words came from to begin with! I read through my book and the words are only vaguely familiar. They make me laugh and cry and sometimes cringe. I notice that I am just beginning to truly live and experience some of the things I wrote about so confidently years ago. I suppose I was writing by faith, not by sight. I’m happy to be catching up.

So where am I now? My mind, my ego, and my programming (the shit brigade) all have their own opinions. They have me bouncing somewhere between focusing on my practice and traveling, speaking, and teaching. Somewhere between here and there. Somewhere between being and doing. Somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow. Somewhere between striving and hustling after goals and accepting where I’m at. incredibly blessed to be a chiropractorSomewhere between despair and hope, between anger and hysterical laughter, between confusion and clarity, as I observe the world and its apparent clueless-ness and chaos. The shit brigade has me furtively roaming, without compass or watch, reckless of my bearings, yet absolutely captured in space and time. It ceaselessly beckons to lead me astray, pulling the wool over this moment’s eyes, hoping I don’t notice.

Oh shameless tricksters, your hold on me has loosed; your grip on my attention is no longer real. I see you for the shadows that you are. I merely change the channel. I know exactly where I am. I am cradled in the arms of Spirit. Grounded in the perfection of all. Centered in this magnificent place that I occupy, bridging heaven and earth. Anchored in the fathomless knowing that I am free. Free to experience, free to create, free to choose. Free to use anything and everything because I am attached to nothing. Free to receive all that the Great Spirit showers upon me because I give myself away in service to Her. Free to accept my bigness and my power, and free to accept the bigness and power of others, because they and I, of our selves, are nothing. Yes, I know exactly where I am. I am exactly where I have always been, exactly where we all are. Exactly where we will always be. Home.

I feel incredibly blessed to be a chiropractor. Incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful and simple vehicle with which to give and receive love. Incredibly blessed to have touched and to have been touched by so many of you on this red road to the heart. From here, as we travel this road together, with Innate as our lighthouse in the storm, may we always remember that nothing else makes any difference. From here, our lives of love and service will touch the furthest nooks and crannies of this universe, and we will abide in our dreams. If any more words come along the way, you’ll be the first to know. @ 7:51 am | Article ID: 971275918