Dolphins Surfing Marina del Rey Waves

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was out today for my morning run which typically involves running along the shoreline in Venice and sometimes into Marina del Rey or Santa Monica. The morning started out quite cloudy and the weather was perfect for running on the beach. I headed south under the pier and towards the marina jetty. When I reached the rocks I turned around and headed north until I reached the rocks at the base of the Venice lifeguard station. I started heading back south again and was about to finish my run as it was starting to get fairly warm and I had already logged just under 5 miles. At about the point that I would head back up to the house I felt a sense urging me to continue down to the marina jetty again. I accepted the suggestion and it left my mind as fast as it came. I continued to run about another mile, in the now warm morning sun, and just as that runner’s high was kicking in everything just slipped into place.

dolphins swimming in Marina del ReyAbout 100 feet off my right shoulder were about 12 of our local dolphins. They were heading on a quick path diagonally in the same direction as I was. About 300 feet ahead, and heading into the water, was a group of local nine to ten year old kids attending lifeguard camp. I don’t know if they saw the dolphins coming as the 3 foot surf was breaking right at the shoreline. As the kids were reaching the first set of waves the dolphins came jumping and twirling out of the water and into the surf. I was reaching the point, just 10 feet off the shore, as the activity unfolded. The kids were so excited and the dolphins reminded me of how my big labrador Jasmine behaves when I come home from the office on Friday night. They were jumping and swimming and gliding in and out between the group of kids. I slowed my pace but just kept running and the dolphins moved on. It’s as if they came by to say hello and wish the kids a fun day.

What does any of this have to do with chiropractic or chiropractic philosophy? Little to nothing or a lot to everything depending on your paradigm. You see, the first principle of chiropractic philosophy (the major premise) states that a universal intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence. The second principle (the chiropractic meaning of life) states that the expression of this intelligence through matter is the chiropractic meaning of life.

So there is an intelligence in the dolphins, in the ocean, in the children and in the sand. In fact, according to this principle, there is an intelligence in everything, every bit of matter, regardless if to us, it appears living or dead, moving or still.

Do the dolphins have the intelligence to know the kids were coming into the water? Do the kids, on some level, possess the intelligence to know that the dolphins would greet them? Was the sense I felt just minutes before another coincidence in the countless possibilities of experience that I call my life, or was there direction and guidance there?

Now I see dolphins at least weekly when I go out for my runs but this was the first time that I saw them interacting with kids. It is one of those things that can definitely make your day, and I’m not even in lifeguard camp. I can’t begin to imagine (yes I can) how excited those kids were and how long they will remember that experience for. That all says something about life to me.

Someone, somewhere, lives in a different paradigm. They may see the dolphins as a threat. Maybe they harbor disease, maybe they are dangerous to be in contact with children, maybe some other unforeseen fearful threat exists. What if one of the dolphins (or all of them for that matter) had dolphin flu? Maybe we should be vaccinating those children just in case they come in contact with those sickly mammals again. This may seem ludicrous to some, but that again depends on your paradigm.

Try this on… Life is natural, life is flowing, life moves from above down and from the inside out. I’d like to think that the innate intelligence within me is in communication with the same source that is in communication with the dolphins, with the kids, with the waves, and with the rest that there is. That to me, makes sense. That to me, is the chiropractic meaning of life.

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