NFL football & chiropractic star Emmitt Smith wins ‘Dancing with the Stars’ TV show competition

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. news staff

LAS VEGAS: Emmitt Smith, the former NFL Dallas Cowboys football star, has been named the winner of the popular USA reality TV show “Dancing with the Stars.” Smith, the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, three-time Super Bowl champion and chiropractic advocate beat out actor Mario Lopez (saved by the bell) in the final dancing competition Wednesday night.

According to various news reports, Emmitt Smith said this about his dancing competition win… “It is awesome!” In congratulating and thanking his fantastic dance partner, Cheryl Burke, Emmitt also said… “We came a long way, we really have.” There is one chiropractor in Texas that must also be feeling “awesome” about the shows results. Dr. Rob Parker is a third generation chiropractor who has had a successful practice in Texas since 1991. His grandfather, Dr. Jim Parker (of Parker Seminars), was one of the most renowned chiropractors in chiropractic’s early years.

Dr. Rob has been Emmitt’s chiropractor since his days with the Dallas Cowboys. Both Dr. Rob and Emmitt have appeared in the media before since Smith has long been an advocate for regular chiropractic care. Dr. Rob was featured during one of the Dancing with the Stars episodes, shown adjusting Emmitt Smith during a grueling week of dance training. Just two weeks prior, the Stars TV show had a Los Angeles chiropractor (see Chiropractors are Dancing with the Stars) out to the set of the show (filmed in Los Angeles) to adjust others that were performing that evening.

There is no questioning Emmitt’s abilities as an athletic performer, and now he will be known as a dancing star. For us, Emmitt Smith is also a chiropractic star. In his day going into the record books as the NFL’s leading rusher (October 27, 2002 – Seattle Seahawks at Dallas), Smith credited his longevity in pro football not to his own ability but to his chiropractor. Smith began getting weekly chiropractic care (sometimes 3x per week) with Dr. Parker almost seven years prior to the day he past Walter Peyton as the National Football League’s career rushing leader.

To the chiropractic skeptics out there, Smith has had this to say, “…if you traveled where I’ve traveled, done what I’ve done and seen the results that I’ve been getting, then you’d understand where I’m coming from…”

One person that wanted to know where Smith was coming from was San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson. Back in 2000, Tomlinson (then at Texas Christian) contacted Emmitt Smith for advice. Smith reportedly told LT to find a good chiropractor (see Emmitt Smith Gives Good Advice). Today, LaDainian Tomlinson is often considered the NFL’s best player. No word from LT on his chiropractic care but when we get news we’ll post it here.

Congratulations to Emmitt Smith, his dance partner Cheryl Burke, and Dr. Robert Parker, you are all chiropractic superstars!

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