Success is a Natural State of Being (MMM)

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I put up on the white board at the office: Are you happy? If not now then when? The patients had fun putting up their comments which I erased periodically. The cutest one said: when? After I get adjusted. That was my favorite so far. Wanted to get them thinking a little.

Then I thought about me. I’m often told by people who have kids that are all “grown” up to enjoy these times as they will be over before you know it. Our oldest turned 11 this month and our middle “Angel” is 10 and our twins are about to turn 7. To call my husband Ron and my life active is an understatement. Boy are we blessed. I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s. I’m not bragging I’m being grateful. Is your life a blessing too?

One of the true gifts in my life is Chiropractic. In what other profession can you go to the office 3 days a week and see hundreds of patients and know that you are changing the world and come home with pockets full of money on top of it all. I often talk about how you can’t give more then you receive in life. If that would happen you would actually be breaking a law of nature. You get back what you put out. It might not come from exactly where “we” expect it but it comes flooding back.

I got an e-mail this week from a Chiropractor who is two months behind on his bills and he wanted me to tell him in an e-mail how to fix it. He asked for the response ASAP. I could understand his urgency. Yet it reminds me of a patient who comes in after having years of pain and asks me to fix them ASAP. Success is an attitude. It is acquired by discipline and courage. I admire this Chiropractor because he asked. Some of us get stuck and sit in it. I hope he isn’t going to sit in it but I have no control over his life. Those of us who are blessed with abundance offer their hand to pull up the next guy yet that is all we can do. Well I guess we can do one other thing, we can continue to have our lives so that we can be an inspiration to them. We can’t give what we don’t have.

One of the ways that I stay on purpose is by writing these messages. I hope they help you half as much as they have helped me. The more I give back the happier I am. I can’t keep anything that I don’t give away. I encourage you to try it. When one of us succeeds all of us succeed. We are a partner in a similar mission. Sometimes I think that my messages contain so many of the same threads. I guess it is a lot of different ways to say the same thing. For me I have got to keep it simple. I keep my practice simple and the beauty of the Chiropractic message simple that so everyone can understand it. My message comes from my heart to the patients. I’m not afraid of them. I know I won’t reach them all yet I reach a lot of them. My success in Chiropractic is a by product of me sharing the principle with my community.

When is the last time you did a New Patient Orientation? Start there. It is so simple to create abundance. Success is a natural state of being. Stop thinking so much and get to work. If you concentrate on others needs first then all of a sudden you will wake up and realize that your needs are being fulfilled. That is not the answer I e-mailed back to the gentleman. That is today’s answer. And one more thing. Make sure you make it fun too.

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