Web-based Photoshop Express Opens to Public

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Adobe Systems opened Photoshop Express early this morning, a much-anticipated web-based image editor intended for a market of consumers that want to store, share, and edit photographs online. The web-based service, was made available with 2 GB of free storage, and offers users the opportunity to create a subdomain on photoshop.com, when creating one’s free user account.

I woke up early Thursday morning to the news that the service had been made available to the public and I visited the site for a chance to register on the day of launch. After filling out the required information I was provided with this user profile: chiropractic.photoshop.com. I uploaded some photographs of my two yellow Labradors and later in the day added some photos from my chiropractic office in Los Angeles.

The web-based app, requires Adobes Flash Player 9 in order to function, and my early experience with the site has me simply amazed with the ease of use, smoothness when uploading photographs, and beautiful display of the full-screen slide show. Below is a screenshot from my recently created chiropractic user page.

screenshot from Photoshop express chiropractic user

Some of the features I’ve tested so far include creating Gallery albums, uploading photos, viewing slideshows (in both browser mode and full-screen), linking to images, embedding images (see below), making modifications to my profile, and browsing the photographic works of other members on the website.

As a consumer that uploads a considerable amount of photo content on a regular basis, this new service from Adobe could not have come at a better time. We’ve just started posting flash based chiropractic office slideshows to this websites blog, but there are reportedly some viewing errors for users of Internet Explorer. It looks like this online Photoshop application to provide another way to share embedded slideshows with web site visitors.

Below is the first example I have of content embedded from the Photoshop Express website. I’m planning to add a number of slideshows featuring chiropractic offices across America, those posts will likely be shared in our photos section of the blog.

ADIO Office

No doubt there will be lots of news related to this new service from Adobe, I’m already a big fan.

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