Chiropractor Bernie Furshpan Turns Comedian

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Queens, NY – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 67% of American workers don’t like their jobs. People start working when they are 16 to 18 and don’t stop until they are 65 or older. Careers chosen at 18 may not be appropriate when they turn 50. Changing careers is a well-established fact of employment. Vincent Van Gogh, the impressionist painter, was a schoolmaster, student priest missionary and art dealer before he became a painter. The days of retiring to Florida are long gone. Dr. Bernie Furshpan retired, made that dramatic career change and now he’s poking fun at his experiences.

Chiropractor Comedian Bernie Furshpan(photo: Chiropractor Comedian Bernie Furshpan – NYC)

Career changes after retirement are becoming more common in today’s evolving global economy. According to Furshpan, insurance reimbursement had become such a challenge, that it seemed like it was time to go in a different direction. It’s almost impossible to turn a profit when expenses keep going up, such as payroll and basic operating costs, and Insurance companies are making reimbursements a complicated and convoluted obstacle course, with limitations for treatments continuing to swell.

“As a chiropractor, I was cracking up people in a horizontal position. Now, as a stand-up comic, I’m cracking them up in a sitting position. After a show, some of the audience members come up to me and tell me they enjoyed my comedy routine. I ask them, ‘So do you feel better now?'” said Furshpan.

“I’m always screwing up, according to my mom,” Dr. Bernie Furshpan said at a recent comedy show. “She says to me ‘I send you to school to become a doctor and what do you do, you get on stage and tell jokes to perfect strangers. ‘I say, ‘Ma, what makes you think they’re perfect?’ I’m looking around here, folks. Do you see perfection?”

His comedy revolves around his upbringing, his career as a doctor, his kids, and relationships. Since 1981, Bernie has treated over 20,000 patients and counseled other Chiropractors with his experience. Bernie hosted “To Your Health” on cable TV from 1982 through 1994 and had produced a comprehensive line of patient educational material for chiropractors going back to 1983. His love of practicing chiropractic was evident as soon as you walked in the door.

Dr. Bernie Furshpan developed the Furshpan Maneuver to correct disk problems quicker and more effectively. The Furshpan Maneuver was developed at CarePlus Chiropractic since 1996 and underwent clinical trials. Dr. Furshpan has retired as a chiropractor, but is a new rising star on the comedy circuit.

“If laughter is the best medicine, then why can’t doctors charge for jokes? I’ve always added brevity to my patient treatment, because, a happy patient is usually a healthier patient. If I could get a nickel for every joke I’ve made, I could have retired even sooner,” Bernie said.

Dr. Furshpan is still helping cure people. He’s simply doing it with laughter instead of office visits and showdowns with insurance companies. The general public can schedule an appointment to see the doctor all summer long for a prescription of pain-numbing laughter.

Dr. Bernie Furshpan has been a practicing Chiropractor since 1980 and recently found it unfeasible to run his practice; he decided to pack it in after 27 years for a new life on the comedy circuit. Bernie has performed at Carolines, Gotham, Comix, Comic Strip Live, and Governor’s. To see Bernie’s schedule in the NYC and surrounding communities, visit @ 7:14 am | Article ID: 1241792122