Daniel Monday Scam Alert

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There is a chance you are reading this post because you’ve received an e-mail, by a person named Daniel Monday, who says they want to buy your stuff. After hosting chiropractic ads for the past 10 years, we’ve discovered that the same scammers visiting our website, go to many others as well. While these posts appear unimportant for our normal readers (my apologies) they’ve reportedly been very helpful in thwarting online scam activity.

It’s been a productive weekend that the planet chiropractic office. We’ve been working on some upgrades to the classified ads system, in order to provide better service to those using the website for selling and buying chiropractic equipment.

Thanks to an incredibly engaged classified ad community, we’ve been able to cut back significantly on fraudulent e-mails reaching our users. Below I am posting and actual e-mail sent by Daniel Monday from his [email protected] Yahoo e-mail account.

Take a look at posts such as those regarding Mr. Benson in Nigeria, Mr. Smith Matt, Tom Marley, and Mike Rapp. These are all expected to be the same group of individuals (or even one individual) using different names and different e-mail accounts to target unsuspecting people selling items online.

Here is a reply to someone’s classified ad, from Daniel Monday, with an IP address of

Reading the e-mail, you can see the telltale signs that this is a scam. #1 is that the sender asks whether cashiers checks or postal money orders are excepted as payment. #2 is that the sender mentions using a private shipping company to handle item delivery. Both of these are hallmark signs of online classified ads scams.

Sender IP:

Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds

I came across your ad and I’ll like to know the following questions regarding
the ad.
Q#1. How long have you owned it?
Q#2. a) Have you owned
it from new? b) If not how many previous owner?
Q#3.Why are you selling it?
Q#4. In your opinion, what
sort of conditionis it?
Q#5. Any available photo?
Q#6. How much are you asking for it?
Q#7. Do you accept a ( Cashier Check / postal Money Order with cheque)as a
mode of payment.
Q#8. Kindly get back to me with ur FULL NAME,FULL CONTACT ADDRESS,TEL # so
that payment willbe issued and mailed to you.

Note that you dont need to worry about shipping as i have a private shipping
company that will take care of the shipping and delivery of the item once
payment is been received by you.I’ll like to have the response to these
question in your earliest conviniency.Hope to hear from you soon.


Daniel Monday
[email protected]

If you sell stuff online, and you’ve received an e-mail similar to this one, I would contact the webmaster of the site you were using, and forward them all sender information, so they can take action.

2 thoughts on “Daniel Monday Scam Alert”

  1. This type of scam is being custom desined for all sorts of classified ad systems. That is why we pulled our free advertising system down to rewrite the script so that only “vetted members can post when we bring it back up. Also, we will be doing that on our business directory when we put it up again as we have over 60% of our uncontrolled ads that appeared to be pure spam and scam.

    Happy to see you are aware of the Nigerians and their compatriots.


  2. Good to here experiences from other sites. We’ve maintained an open system for nearly 10 years and the great majority of ads in our case are legit. Work at home type ads get squashed as do mlm pyramid scams. The 419s target only one group and the user community has been pretty sharp in reporting abuse. These posts serve mostly as a public record of outed names and IP addresses.

    All the best!

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