Mr Benson Raymond Nigeria Scam

Just a quick post to alert others regarding activity of a “Mr Benson Raymond” from Nigeria. Daria posted that other day regarding separating you from your money and it looks as though this character fits the profile well.

Here is the email being sent to people posting classified ads on various websites…


I am Mr Benson raymond, I work in  with  a small retailing company.I actually saw the  advert you placed and I will like to know the last offer you want to let it out and gather more info about it and the major reason why you want to sell it, if  it has been damaged in any form or not. as soon as we agree on terms,I will arrange the payment  via check or banks draft.
Mr Benson

[email protected]


A Whois Record lookup on emails he sent across our server show the ip address which is based in Abuja, Nigeria. Webmasters may want to add the following IP addresses to their blacklists: —

Whois Record Results…
inetnum: –
netname: SubTel2
descr: Suburban telecom is an IP Wholesale Provider
country: NG
admin-c: LO1-AFRINIC
tech-c: Oa13-AFRINIC
source: AFRINIC # Filtered
parent: –

Have a nice day. 🙂

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