Independence Day comes early for chiropractic classifieds

We were waiting until July 4th of 2007 to release the latest news regarding the chiropractic profession’s number one ranked online classified ad service.

If you haven’t been on the website lately you may notice something different, there are no fees for posting ads. That’s right, freedom from paying fees to post chiropractic related classified ads. Certain sections of Planet Chiropractic turned nine years old this past month and we wanted to do something to celebrate the event. While ads for things such as Associates, private equipment sales such as adjusting tables, and substitution services, were always free, we’ve now opened the gates to everything else in the classified section.

pony adjusting tableThe photo to the left is an example of an ad currently posted in the private party section… “selling a classic Lloyd Pony Adjusting table with Cervical, Thoracic and Lumber Drops. Newly re-upolstered. These are no longer being made, so you can’t get one unless you find one used, like this.”

That means that as of today, chiropractic practice for sale ads are free. Chiropractic offices seeking associates is free. Selling your x-ray equipment or other equipment from your chiropractic office… free. Did we mention that commercial listings for the best chiropractic software, chiropractic Internet services, practice management products, and listings for commercial vendors such as Lloyd and Leander are free? Just in case you’re wondering, all listings for all categories are now free of charge to post and view.

It doesn’t stop there. Earlier this month we announced the addition of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for all ads posted to the website. The inclusion of classified ads RSS feeds has resulted in a number of other chiropractic related web sites displaying the advertising content that gets added to our classified ad system. What does this mean?

The addition of RSS means that a chiropractor or someone wanting to sell or promote a chiropractic product or service only has to post a single ad, and that ad can be displayed on any website, e-mail application, mobile phone, PDA, or electronic device that supports the technology we are using to deliver chiropractic related advertising.

This makes things very simple for the person posting advertisements. It also makes it very simple for anyone that owns or hosts a chiropractic website. Using something as simple as a JavaScript, a webmaster could add all the most recent advertisements made to their website, something that will likely increase traffic to their web page when people are searching terms appearing in the ads. All advertisements update automatically so there’s nothing to do after the script is put in place.

Thank you to all of you that have been using the planet chiropractic classified ad system since 1999. Can you believe we’re into our ninth year of delivering classified ads electronically?

OK, here are some direct links to some of the most popular pages…

Check out this article (RSS added to classified ads) for more information about the RSS feeds that were added.

Is the service perfect, nope. Do we continue working on it, you bet! Thank you for your support!