Potential Content is Everywhere

Yesterday I posted an article to Planet Chiropractic News titled Live Subluxation Free or Die Hard. The article was about Bruce Willis, his 4th Die Hard film (opening tomorrow), and chiropractic.

People sometimes ask where I get this stuff. Do we call an agent for Bruce Willis? Did someone from his promotional office call us? Nope. Most of the time, nearly all the articles I tend to cover come out of the ether.

This one went like this… I was running on the beach in Santa Monica Sunday afternoon. As is typical, a million things felt like they were downloading into my brain. Sometimes I feel like Johnny Mnemonic, a wifi version, and someone is dumping a constant stream of data, heating up all my synapses.

Alright, running along, and I hear a plane going by. It was one of those advertising planes pulling a long banner for all the tourists visiting the beaches to watch (and for me apparently). The banner read… Yippee-Ki-Yay, Mother Fu… Live Free or Die Hard.

The “live subluxation free” popped in my head instantly, an opportunity to talk chiropractic. The fact that the film was coming out this week made the content timely, another plus. Then bang, another idea… Bruce Willis has mentioned chiropractic before, surely he got adjusted during the making of DH4.

Running home I was already on to thinking about something else, that’s where many ideas end or get put into archive mode. Monday morning the idea came back so I contacted a friend of mine who has worked on the first 3 Die Hard films. He gave me some trivia and I also located some current information related to Willis getting adjusted and that he was still doing his own stunts.

So we had a movie coming out, an actor who supports chiropractic, an opportunity to say thank you, and a chance to put it all together = news post.

There you have it. What’s next? A few minutes ago I was adjusting someone that was wearing an adidas sports top. I said “do you know what a-d-i-d-a-s stands for?” All day I dream about spines!