Live Subluxation Free or Die Hard

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Bruce Willis, the man who starred in the greatest action movie of all time, is at it again, and he’s still doing his own stunts. The film, “Live Free or Die Hard”, opens nationwide in theaters this Wednesday, June 27, 2007. It’s the actor’s fourth in a series of Die Hard films, with the 1988 release recently being named “Greatest Action Movie of All Time” by Entertainment Weekly.

Popular entertainment destination,, had this quote regarding the actors chiropractic care he received during the making of Die Hard 4. “Let’s just say my chiropractor wasn’t surprised to see me. It was a lot easier to do this kind of stuff 20 years ago.” – Bruce Willis found jumping out of a car at 35 miles per hour during the making of Live Free Or Die Hard painful.

According to news reports, rather than rely on CGI effects for many of the films stunts, Bruce and and others on the crew of “Live Free or Die Hard” did many of their own stunts. A good friend of mine, Chris Boardman, who wrote and orchestrated on the first three Die Hard films, told me he believes Bruce did the stunt himself where he jumps spread eagle off of Nakatomi Plaza (Fox Plaza in LA) with the building blowing up behind him in the first Die Hard film.

Planet Chiropractic loves when celebrities and sports stars speak positively about chiropractic care. I’d suggest all chiropractors support Bruce by going to see this film (or other films produced by Cheyenne Enterprises, Bruce and co-founder Arnold Rifkins Los Angeles based company). With more than 80,000 chiropractors in active practice in the USA alone, collectively we could give him a big Thank You at the box office.

While he hasn’t stopped my my office just yet, the 52-year-old Willis has apparently been receiving chiropractic care for quite a few years, and he has spoken highly of those that have cared for him. Bruce Willis is one of many celebrity names to often appear on chiropractic websites as a supporter of chiropractic care.

Willis strikes me as one of those guys that supports a lot of stuff and does lots of good things, not for publicity, just because it’s stuff he wants to do. He was one of several actors to donate funds to Sean “Puffy” Combs when he ran the New York City marathon, raising over $2 million for children. Not surprisingly, “P-Diddy” received chiropractic care from his Manhattan chiropractor Drew DeMann, in preparation for the run.

While Bruce Willis may be a great actor and chiropractic patient, his Die Hard character, John McClane, is a better example of your typical American guy coming in for a subluxation removing chiropractic adjustment. Not when he’s all bloodied up after a day of fighting bad guys, but a guy that’s just finished a hard days work. The John McClane’s of the world go to work everyday, and their work takes an emotional and physical toll on the body, creating those spinal stresses we chiropractors refer to as vertebral subluxation. They often show up in chiropractic offices towards the end of the shift, leaving the work and sweat of the day on the chiropractors adjusting table. They love those chiropractic adjustments. By the way, if you’ve never been on a film set, let me tell you everybody works hard in the hours are seriously long. Back to back fourteen hour days are not uncommon when making action films like Die Hard, making regular chiropractic care during the production of any film, a great benefit.

If you’re reading this online, go see your chiropractor and tell them you’re going to see the film because you support those that support chiropractic. Thanks Bruce, we appreciate you.

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Dr. Michael Dorausch is a chiropractor practicing in Los Angeles, California. His ADIO chiropractic office is located nearby Sony studios in Culver City and he provides chiropractic care to a number of people in the film industry. @ 1:41 pm | Article ID: 1182804110