Unbalanced autism mercury vaccine trial coverage

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

More e-mails came in from parents regarding a vaccine related article (in my opinion, it was more of a freedom of speech related article) that was published last week on planet chiropractic, and distributed through various news channels across the Internet. The posting of the article brought to light some pretty eye-opening discoveries as I now have reason to believe that at least one major internet news distribution network was contacted in an effort to block the article from being distributed. The article did get distributed and it continues to circulate amongst those paying attention to the vaccine trials.

Below are some excerpts from e-mails the chiropractic website received from parents.

Thanks for noting unbalanced autism mercury trial coverage.
re: Vaccine Related Autism Cases Killed in Press

THANK YOU! for recognizing the media bias permeating coverage of the federal Autism Omnibus Proceedings.

I have read many of these articles. Most are regurgitated AP press releases marred by misinformation, but others use carefully crafted rhetoric to smear parents.

Some of the worst coverage has been on the ABC news website, which has had 2 articles in which most of the comments following completely contradict the TV station’s screed. NBC falsely stated that the MMR shot contains mercury; it does not.

The most balanced coverage came from Sharyl Atkisson of CBS News. Atkisson has taken the time to read the science and understand the subject matter.

Again, thank you for writing; we parents of children with mercury-induced autism really appreciate your consideration.

Thank you for the story: Vaccine Related Autism Cases Killed in Press

As a parent with a child affected by autism I always get the feeling from the national news that I am making things up and just wanting money or someone to blame my childs autism on. I don’t.

I know the truth. My child was damaged by vaccines. For people to say he wasn’t is just some folks trying to make themselves feel better.

It is important to note: My family is not one of the petitioners of the proceedings started this week in DC.

What families want is for the public to understand that we had typical children and lost them due to something mandated by the government. What families want is for science to show the truth and for future generations not to be hurt the same way. More than anything what families want is an apology for having their lives turn upside down due to constant battles and an apology to their children who lost the potential they were born with due to one size fits all medical care.

Thank you for making families like mine feel respected and important. It means so much.

Re: Vaccine Related Autism Cases Killed in Press

Thank you so much for writing on this topic! It is so true that much of the Cedillo case is being protrayed with much bias and blatant fear mongering from the likes of AAP and CDC. The cases are about children being injured by MMR and/or Thimerosal and not about the future of the vaccine program. Though the two may be intertwined, the outcome should be based on the medical evidence and science to back up the processes of how our kids became autistic.

Please keep posting as this 3 week case is the culmination of years of research and the outcome is so critical for every child, regardless of a current autism diagnosis.

Elmwood Park, IL

Thank you to everyone that has sent e-mails. Wishing you and your families all the best of health!