Childhood Vaccination: Questions all Parents Should Ask

Doctor of Chiropractic, Tedd Koren will be speaking on Monday, August 11 at 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the BodyTalk Center in New York City on the topic of vaccinations and children.

This information came to me via e-mail, but I thought I’d pass it on for those in the New York area that may be interested in attending the event. The cost is $20. Here’s an excerpt on what will be being discussed…

Childhood Vaccination: Questions all Parents Should Ask

Parents don’t often get to see the research data, papers, history and controversy that has dogged vaccination since its beginning. Few know that vaccination is the only medical procedure that does NOT require industry-standard, double-blind, placebo-controlled safety studies.

Are vaccinated children healthier than non-vaccinated children?
Is it safe to vaccinate your child?

  • What are the chances that my child may be injured or killed from a vaccine?
  • What are the ingredients in vaccines?
  • Did vaccination get rid of infectious diseases?
  • Do the benefits outweigh the risks?
  • Does vaccination cause crib death (SIDS)?
  • Are vaccines really linked to asthma, ADD, ADHD, autism, allergies, behavioral problems, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other conditions rare before mass immunization?
  • Are infectious diseases beneficial?
  • Are there vaccination alternatives?
  • Are there exemptions to vaccinations?

And more….

For more information, you can contact the BodyTalk Center at 212-580-2689. Address for those attending is 1123 Broadway @ 25th, Suite 1205 NYC, NY 11217

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