Meet a Chiropractor – Liza Egbogah of Toronto

By Daria Belov

While chiropractic was born and first made popular in Davenport Iowa, the birthplace of the world’s first chiropractor was Canada. Today there are about as many chiropractors practicing in Canada as there are in the state of California. The country features two educational facilities offering chiropractic degrees, with the majority of graduates practicing within Canada’s borders. Today’s interview is with one such chiropractor, It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Liza Egbogah of Toronto Ontario.

Meet a Chiropractor - Liza Egbogah of TorontoLiza Egbogah, DC
145 King Street West, Suite 1710, Toronto, ON M5H 1J8 Canada

PC: Did you travel to the United States to attend chiropractic college or did you achieve your chiropractic degree in Canada?

LE: After researching a majority of chiropractic schools, I decided to attend the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, a world leader in chiropractic education and research. The choice wasn’t too hard as it is one of only 2 Chiropractic Schools in Canada.

PC: Do you utilize the techniques taught at Canadian Memorial and/or have you added any other approaches to practice since graduation?

LE: Our office specializes in a chiropractic technique known as diversified. In addition to Chiropractic therapy, we also provide Aqua Massage therapy, Custom Orthotics, Ultrasound, Laser Therapy, Electrical Stimulation, and Vibration Therapy.

PC: Wow, that’s a lot of therapies. What kinds of activities do you participate in order to spread the word about your business?

LE: the[clinic] offers health workshops and fairs for local companies. Interactive health fairs are held either on site at the[clinic] or at the company’s office location. The most popular interactive health fair is called the[lunch box]. The [lunch box] is a one hour interactive health fair that occurs for 15-20 employees during the lunch hour. During this one hour fair, participants enjoy a light healthy lunch, Aqua massage therapy, Wii-fit exercise activities, Gait scans, and receive information on stress relief and health at the[clinic].

PC: I assume payment for chiropractic care in Canada would be similar to that in the US. What kinds of payments do you accept in your chiropractic practice?

LE: Major credit cards, debit, cash, cheques, auto insurance, and payment plans are accepted at the[clinic].

PC: How do people get to your office and where’s your location in Toronto?

LE: the[clinic] is conveniently located in the heart of the financial district in downtown Toronto. the[clinic] is in the 145 King Street West building which is accessible at ground level, the underground PATH and by subway.

PC: Can you tell us more about the area? What’s around you, what’s the office like, and how would you describe stepping in to your place?

LE: You are in the middle of the concrete jungle of Toronto, dwarfed by the skyscrapers and lofty towers. To those in the know, amidst these towers lies an oasis where you arrive stressed, achy, pained, and leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day. As you approach the black doors you catch the glow of a lighted fountain and flickers of light from the crystal chandelier. It’s hard to believe that you are at the doors of a clinic but then again it is not a clinic, it is the[clinic]. The first of its kind, the[clinic] is an upscale chiropractic health centre that not only treats people for pain and injuries but also offers what people are calling “the spot” to relax, have a little fun, and enjoy thoughtful snacks and amenities. The standard issue waiting room chairs are replaced by white leather and chrome Wassily chairs and bleak fluorescent lighting is disregarded for glistening linear chandeliers. The sounds of sneezes, coughs and ringing phones are substituted by sounds of water, light chimes and often laughter in the back ground. The idea of a clinic where people come not only to get healthy but to hang out is definitely a new concept. As you sit in the[clinic] with your espresso and roasted almonds in hand, looking out the 17th floor window, you already start to feel better… all before you even see the doctor.

PC: I never did like fluorescent lighting in the health-care environment. Nice to here you’ve gone through so much effort in making the place most comfortable for your clients.

PC: A local TV news crew walks in your front door and your live on television. The reporter asks “what is it that you do here?” You reply…

LE: Hi, I’m Dr. Liza and I am a Chiropractor!

PC: Thanks for being a part of our Planet Chiropractic interview series Dr. Liza. Wishing you all the best in your practice. @ 8:53 pm | Article ID: 1218167648