Vaccine Court Autism Article Fuels Comments

Planet Chiropractic last week published a news article regarding the topic of vaccinations, a concern from parents about a possible link to autism, and a group of court hearings that began on Monday, June 11, 2007 in Arizona. Like nearly every news article published on since 2002, the piece appeared in Google News, along with hundreds of other articles written around the vaccination court cases. No doubt there were parties real unhappy that this article was appearing on major newswires and we at Planet Chiropractic are continuing to deal with the aftermath of attention received. We work to make every situation a positive one and continue to move forward delivering the news like we’ve done for the past nine years. Over the next few days we’ll introduce some of the e-mails we received from parents who felt they were shouting but could not be heard in the major media. Here is one of those e-mails we received…

vaccination mercuryWords can’t describe how much I appreciate your article “Vaccine Related Autism Cases Killed in Press“. I have spent the last three days writing letter after letter to local newspapers, national newspapers, and major television networks in an attempt to make them understand that the parents seeking justice in the vaccine court are not conspiracy-seeking activists. It was so refreshing to “come up for a breath” and read your article. NBC’s Today show went so far as to accuse these parents of “be in it for the money”. I am outraged at this comment when I think about the many parents who have had to sell their house or spend their entire savings on treatments for their children.

Personally I do have a vaccine injured child but due to the statutes of limitations I have not been able to file a claim under the NVICP. I am very grateful for your comments about the lack of attention to the independent research indicating a very strong causal relationship between Thimerosal and neurodevelopmental disorders. This research is being blatantly ignored by the major media outlets.

Once again, thank you for bringing attention to the unfair reporting.

Ohio Jane (name changed for publication purposes)

Thank you to all the parents that took the time to e-mail us. It makes us feel that last weeks efforts did not fall on deaf ears.