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Trimester Seven Chiropractic Student on Technique

Dr. Darrel Crain has been a contributing author to planet chiropractic news for the past few years. He’s done an incredible job and has continued to provide some great content for the web site. He gets quite a bit of e-mail from those reading his articles. An e-mail was sent to me which I forwarded on to him that was sent by a student at Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas.

Darrel Crain chiropractorDr. Crain and I both agree that the raw energy pouring out of new chiropractors is something to love. The student was hoping that “every chiropractor” would read the article so his comments are being posted here along with a link to the original piece. Thanks to all that send encouraging comments our way. We don’t always get a chance to post them or include them in content but let me say that I am appreciative to every individual that has sent something our way.

Dear Dr.

My name is Davy Rigsby and I am a tri 7 student at Parker. The article that was posted on your website titled, “Does Chiropractic Technique Matter” is one of the best articles I have read on your website to date. It gives such clarity of what we do and what our intent and purpose should be for every adjustment that a patient receives from us. I hope that every chiropractor reads this article so that they too can be refreshed and more clear as to what our purpose in chiropractic is. Thank you for your website and for the wonderful articles that make me more passionate about getting out into the world and giving true health to people and saving lives!

Yours in health,
Davy Rigsby

Thanks again Davy for sharing your thoughts. It’s great to know that students in chiropractic colleges throughout the world are benefiting from the content appearing on this website. As of Thursday, there will be nine years of news posts made to the Planet Chiropractic website. Every article ever published in the news is still available online and you can get access to all that content from the archives news page.


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  1. Hi,
    Well I’d thought I should show my appreciation for this website. I am a final year student (i get my results at the end of this week!) studying at the University of Glamorgan in the UK. I regularly check out this website and try to show my colleagues too.
    i don’t know if you know much about the state of chiropractic in the UK, but it is currently in a state of unease. the regulatory body (the GCC), has lost the confidence of the majority of the chiropractors. it is trying to filter out the profession (especially wellness chiropractors) and impose what chiropractic is and how it should be performed. as a result many chiropractors are not registering and calling themselves ‘spinal specialists’ or the like.
    many of my colleagues are leaving university disillusioned with the profession, with a lack of enthusiasm about chiropractic. many are unable to define what chiropractic is and what a ‘subluxation’ is. in college we are actually unable to use the word ‘subluxation’ and instead use the word ‘facet irritation’. we can only treat areas that are painful and have been told of the apparent lack of evidence for long term chiropractic care.
    one of the highlights of the year was having Dr. James Chesnut to speak, bringing some well deserved balance into the course!
    Keep up the good work, as students we need encouragement and resources (that are free!) to help us realize that chiropractic is more about than treating a painful back! i love the audio and video – keep that coming!
    Simon Marshall

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