Chiro a Bad Name Choice For Websites

I know someone is going to argue this but I have to say after over 10 years of purchasing domain names the term “chiro” is a poor choice when planning to create websites for patients and other consumers.

Notice I said developing websites for patients and not chiropractors. In chiropractic, there are many sites using the “chiro” prefix in their domain name. We chiropractors tend to see these terms and we say “KiRo.” However, consumers often say “cheero” like cheerios or cheer for me, yippie doodle day. Now in fairness I also hear some consumers say words that sound like “cheeropractic” instead of “KiRoPractic.”

Chiropractic PlanetIf you are building sites geared towards chiropractors than you may be just fine. If your website is geared towards the general public I’d suggest you stick with the term “chiropractic” in your domain. Whatever you do, don’t get kitchy and make a bonehead mistake like I did thinking anyone is going to know what “c1” stands for.

There are probably more domains available in the “chiro” area but if you get creative you’ll find there are still a large number of super chiropractic dot coms out there.

Recently I picked up some domains that will appear to be obvious choices when you read them but believe it or not they were available for purchase.

The first one is called Chiropractic Homepage and it is home to a project I am involved with. It’s a project website geared towards working out designs for homepages and other parts of websites. Some good information there if your looking to get into the guts of your web structuring.

If that one was not straight forward enough can you believe Chiropractor Website was available and I think I picked it up for eight dollars. Bought this last year and quickly threw up a template web to the domain. It has some major SEO issues (we’ll get into that another time) but the domain itself gets searched for everyday because people are searching for a “chiropractor website” instead of some complicated name we decided to use because I thought it sounded good (like adiola). If you visit the site you may notice it appears like an office website but it’s actually a template that is a work in progress. I don’t currently promote it in my local area.

I could go down a list of what I think have been great domain purchases which turned out to be duds and I can also count the no brainers that seemed too simple to even think they were available (they were).

So, get your thinking caps on and get searching for that great cheerio domain name that is going to just magnetically draw people to it. Let me know if you pick up something spectacular!