Giving away my chiropractic website

My first attempt at this post got back spaced and I inadvertently deleted all the content before I saved it. Lesson: incremental saves.

OK, you saw the title… I’m giving away a website. It’s late so I’m not getting into much detail now but I’ll update this as I move further along.

Simply, I spent about $3000.00 developing a site (Chiropractor Website) and numerous people have emailed me since saying they liked it, could they get one like it, etc…

Today I was doing some edits on a few pages and the thought arose to put the site into Creative Commons Licensing (see below) so other chiropractors could benefit from it.

Selling the template was an option but why not just make it available to chiropractors and students to use on their own domains without having to pay some internet company monthly fees to host a dog? Not that it’s perfect, it’s not, but it’s on par or better than much of the stuff I have seen out there.

Here are some key things…

  1. You’ll need your own domain name (costs less than $10 per year)
  2. You’ll require your own hosting. I’d recommend LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP)
  3. You’ll have to install the site yourself or hire someone to do so

I’ll provide links here for monthly hosting plans (for a website like this they will range from $4 to $7 a month) and I think we could get a group of volunteers together to streamline the website template so installation could be made easier. I know some hosting companies that would pay Planet Chiropractic a commission if you signed up for their hosting. That could be a win-win for those of you wanting to go that route.

If you look at the website you’ll see I have to pull lots of my chiropractic office info off of it but I plan to include nearly all the articles I authored, others I have permission to include, along with content from Planet Chiropractic and RSS feeds so that new articles can be added in an automated fashion.

I also have loads of professional photos of people receiving chiropractic adjustments, lying on tables, etc… which I own all rights to. I’ll include a package of those so your website will be ready to roll out with about an hours worth of effort.

Hows that sound so far?

What do I get from all this (other than you can’t out give the giver abundance and reward)?

  1. You continuing to support Planet Chiropractic
  2. You not emailing me looking for a website design for your office
  3. You agreeing to participate in kind so that students can have access to even better websites when they graduate

What do you say? I’ve got to run by my designs with my programmers so we can strip some items from the site template and make things easy to install, update, etc…

Want to know some cool features?

  1. All the basics right at the top of the page (Home, Location, About, Hours)
  2. All pages can be edited from an easy to use Admin Panel
  3. Can post Announcements to the homepage (like office closed for 4th of July)
  4. Patient testimonials display directly to the homepage

There is more (like Search Engine Optimized) but that we can address later. There are also some details I’d like to hash out like getting some standards for descriptions of subluxation, history of chiropractic, etc… I know some smart chiropractors will get together to help me hammer this out.

Who will get to use this? All chiropractors will have access to the finished template and all associated files. There will be no commercial use meaning no web design or hosting companies can sell the website. Chiropractors, of course, will be able to use the site to actively promote their practices.

You likely have questions so go ahead and email me with your thoughts and I’ll address them in future posts regarding this project.

So far, expect the licensing to be as follows…

Creative Commons License
Chiropractor Website by
Planet Chiropractic is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Based on a work at

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at (they are not yet)

OK, let’s roll out some chiropractic websites!

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