Money and Jobs and People Buying Stuff

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Taking a look at 14,653 different key phrases that accumulated since the beginning of this month, it’s interesting to see how many of the top 10 are related to chiropractors making money, employment in the chiropractic industry, buying or selling chiropractic items, and getting some chiropractic education. There is also 2 related to the upcoming presidential election, in one search for a sexy girl that seems to appear month after month.

So in checking key phrases for the month of October, it’s clear that chiropractic is at the top of the list. To the best of my knowledge, the majority of searches for the term chiropractic results in visitors landing on the homepage.

If we look at key phrase reports ( like this one from early October and this one from June ) we see that the same search term has consistently been at the top of the list.

What I found interesting was the increase in search traffic for chiropractor salary and chiropractic salary terms. It’s easy to think that these are related to changes in the US economy but I don’t have any specific data to back that up with.

I’m personally pleased to see the term planet chiropractic appearing more frequently in search logs. Ad the .com and it shouldn’t be that difficult to find us.

No idea how long the searches will continue to appear in log reports. I think the traffic to our chiropractic web site related to that term will continue to dwindle during the next few months, regardless of who wins the presidency of the United States. Reason being is we were getting traffic because this article related to presidential websites was ranking as high as number one when searches were made for the term. Besides that, the Obama campaign has either purchased the web site people were seeking, or has paid to have traffic redirected to the candidates official site.

The information on chiropractic salaries appears more economically related when I see that searches for chiropractic jobs and chiropractic classifieds are both appearing prominently in top 10 listings.

The term chiropractic seminars is a common popular one, but searches appear to be higher in the month of October, then I noticed during the summer months. Time to get that continuing education taking care of since holidays are quickly approaching.

Has been more than 2 1/2 years since Candice Michelle graced the cover of Playboy magazine, and we featured a few articles related to her and her chiropractor husband since that time. I have a strong assumption that most people searching out that name are not seeking information on chiropractic services but they end up on the web site nonetheless. It’s amazing how much more search traffic the names of attractive women get online, when compared to commonly used search phrases typically seen in other industries. I believe the term Beyoncé drove more traffic to our site in a single day, when compared to any other persons name.

The last search on the list, who won the vice presidential debate, is likely no longer getting much traffic, but it was a directly targeted page around the time of October 2, 2008. Sometimes keyphrases just turn out that way, other times they are intentionally created and targeted in hopes of increasing search related traffic.

I’m looking forward to seeing what searches appear in the top 10 for the month of November.