Las Vegas Airport Parking Rates

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Las Vegas Airport parking rates are better than those at LAX. $8 is better than what I typically pay.

I was in Las Vegas again this past weekend (I’ll be back the week of the chiropractic orthopedists conference) continuing the research I’ve been doing, for an ongoing series of local search presentations. The presentations are intended for chiropractors and other local based small-business owners. I took lots of photos during this past Las Vegas trip.

Terminal 2 - Parking 8 Dollars per Day

The sign above says that parking for Terminal 2 in Las Vegas is only $8 per day. As part of my research, I was walking from the Las Vegas airport to the Las Vegas strip, so I took a shortcut through the Las Vegas airport long-term parking lot. Impressed that the rates were so affordable, and so close to the departure area.

Las Vegas Airport Parking

The main entrance for the McCarran Economy Parking Lot is nearby the arrival and departure areas. I came in on a Southwest flight from LAX, and was in the parking area within minutes. In comparison, LAX parking is about $16 per day, at the lot nearest Southwest Airlines in Los Angeles. It’s perfect for traveling southwest though, since you can walk from the lot to LAX Terminal 1 in a few minutes.

McCarron Airport Express Exit

Looks like there are easy automated payment areas at the Las Vegas parking lot as well. My love for Las Vegas is no secret. It’s a city where I’ve attended numerous chiropractic conferences (Parker, Schofield, Roundtable, etc…), Las Vegas trade shows, and several Search Engine Optimization / Social Media conferences. I will be speaking at the 2011 Las Vegas PubCon (the second week of November) on topics closely related to local search. It’s a great event to attend.