April 17 is Chiropractic Hot and Heavy

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The weekend of April 17 (through the 19th) is hot times for chiropractic events taking place nationwide. There’s 3 seminars I see taking place in Las Vegas and Atlanta that weekend, and they all look like great events to attend.

First up is the 2009 Upper Cervical Evolution taking place at the Green Valley Ranch Casino. That event takes place April 17-19 and it features some of the top UC Chiropractors from across the globe. I came across an archived Chrane Condyle Lift Technique post earlier today, wonder if that is still being taught at Upper Cervical Specific events.

The UC event is not the only chiropractor happening in town on the April 17th weekend, Schofield Chiropractic Training (and many of the worlds top volume practitioners) will be gathering at the Westin Casuarina Casino & Hotel on April 18 & 19. Get complete details on the Schofield event, and if you are attending, be sure to stick around with the group and go to dinners or hang for drinks. These chiropractors are among the top in the industry and gems of knowledge are to be had if you only participate.

Conference Tip: Find out what people are drinking and buy some rounds. Deliver them yourself if you can, it’s a great way to make an introduction. Don’t be that guy/gal who buys one drink (for themselves) and then tries pulling info from others in the bar. Buying beverages is much cheaper than what you’d pay to get expert tips otherwise.

There will be another Roundtable Meeting taking place this year (Roundtable 2009) and I’ll be in town for it. We’re hitting up locations and will message those invited. If you’re following me on twitter message me when you arrive and watch for weekend updates.

Las Vegas is the place for Tradeshows and conferences (I also love PHX) but there’s a chiropractic event taking place in Atlanta as well. April 17 and 18 is the The Life Source Octagon Vitalism Conference taking place at the Life Campus in Marietta, GA.

Watch Dr. Guy Riekeman (President at LIFE Chiropractic College) speak on the Vitalism Event…


Contact the folks at Life University for conference attending information. Also, get contact info for the UC conference here, and the Schofield SCT conference here. Let me know if you’re attending any of these events. Rock on!