Airport and Hotels Make Phoenix Great for Conferences

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There is a number of frustrations that can occur when traveling for conferences. Overbooked flights, hotels located too far from airports, no WiFi access along routes, traffic to and from the airport, are only some of the nuisances that often bother conference going travelers. This weekend I’ll be in Scottsdale, Arizona for a June Schofield event and I was reminded of the many things I like about traveling to the Phoenix area for conferences.

I’ve mentioned Phoenix conferences and hotels for chiropractic events in the past, and after traveling there are nearly every month for the past seven years, I have a good amount of knowledge about the area.

Arizona Biltmore Grounds (photo: a view of the luscious grounds at the Arizona Biltmore and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona)

The first great thing about conferences in Phoenix is that it’s a centrally located place that has a number of great conference centers and hotel resorts located a short distance from the PHX airport. I typically travel from Los Angeles, so it’s pretty easy for me to get to Phoenix, thank you Southwest Airlines. The PHX airport has undergone a number of renovations during the years I have been traveling there, and in my experience they have all been for the better, except for maybe the shuttle to the rental car centers (seems to take longer now).

Traveling Southwest I spend most of my time in terminal 4 of the Phoenix airport. There’s a number of great places to get a meal and I have had no problem getting WiFi Internet access throughout the airport facility. If I have food and an Internet connected laptop, I am good for hours. The facility is clean and it feels more like a shopping mall than an airport. I can’t say that about the Southwest terminal at LAX (bring your own WiFi).

There are some great hotels located a short distance from the Phoenix airport. I’ve stayed at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, the Four Seasons Resort on Crescent Moon Drive (incredible views), Marriott Camelback Inn (terrific for hiking), the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale on Doubletree, the Hilton Scottsdale on North Scottville Road (bunch of restaurants across the street), Sanctuary (a bit secluded but beautiful hotel), the Phoenician Hotel, the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa (my favorite), the Doubletree La Posada Resort (don’t think that hotel is there any more), and multiple others.

There’s few hotels I haven’t liked in the Scottsdale area, in fact, I can’t think of any. I have also attended a number of conferences in Tempe Arizona (all at the Tempe Mission Palms). A good majority of the hotels are within short driving distance of the PHX airport and I don’t know that business travelers would need a rental car if just traveling to the hotel and back to the airport. I’ve found rental cars are affordable in the Phoenix area and they come in handy if you going to be visiting any of the great restaurants that are often located near these hotels. RA for Sushi is one of my favorites (located in both old town Scottsdale and Tempe).

The Carefree resort I am visiting on the weekend is quite a distance from the airport, making it less enjoyable than and location like the Biltmore or Mission Palms. There are some spectacular views out in the Carefree and Cave Creek areas so I suppose that makes the trip worth it.

Whether you’re visiting the area for a chiropractic conference, some other business seminar, or other corporate event, know that the airport at PHX is well-suited for business travelers and there really is a multitude of fantastic locations for seminars and events in the Phoenix area. @ 1:53 pm | Article ID: 1212440041

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