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Arizona Chiropractor Business Cards

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I kept my collecting of chiropractor business cards to a minimum this past weekend. I was focused more on Web development during the weekend conference in Phoenix, instead of socializing and collecting business cards. I did purchase a new scanner since my business card karma post in May, so collecting, organizing and sorting should become an easier task than in the past. I ran three business cards through the scanner when I arrived home today and I’ll be sharing the fronts and backs of those below. Let’s take a look at the first one.

Atlantis ChiropracticThis first business card is from chiropractor Ruminder Birk who practices in Vaughan Ontario. He was one among the group of chiropractors gathering the desert this past weekend.

The name of the practice is Atlantis Chiropractic and according to the card he has been a chiropractor since 2000. The words on the rainbow of health read adjustments, exercise, chlorella, water & rest.

He doesn’t list his address on the front of the card but he does include his phone number. Dr. Birk is a great chiropractor, always a pleasure to see him.

Atlantis chiropractic spinal evaluationThe other side of his card as a lot more information on it. His offers offers a Free Computerized Spinal Evaluation with presentation of the card (if you printed this page and presented it to him I’d bet his office would honor that as well). Office address is listed on this side of the card and he’s also included fax and e-mail address.

I like adding my e-mail address to cards I share with chiropractic clients. It’s been beneficial offering them another way to contact me besides calling the office.

Handing out business cards was one of my 23 surefire small-business marketing tips for 2008, and it will be on the list for 2009 as well.

wwe womens championship beltThis card features Pimp Daddy Santa Monica chiropractor Ken Gee Ehrlich and his wife, Candice Michelle. Candice is sporting her ginormous shiny WWE Women’s championship belt.

Dr. Ken Gee and Candice are regulars at many of the conferences I attend. I’ve seen them in Vegas, Anaheim, and many times in Phoenix.

Dr. Ehrlich has super passion for practicing chiropractic and he’s a real character to hang around with. Always smiling, always having a good time, and always talking positive things about his family, practice, and friends. Great person to have in your life.

He has been at Planet Chiropractic roundtable meetings, Brentwood spine meetups, DCS CalJam, and DCS clubhouse events.

An active participant in the community of chiropractic is something I’ve often found to be a good indicator of how much an individual loves being a chiropractor. A focus on chiropractic fellowship and serving people in an individuals community is where it’s at.

Participation has its privileges, I noticed Dr. Ken Gee is mentioned in several news articles, has office information listed among California Chiropractors in the local directory, has written about his school experience in the chiroschool review section of the web site, and is listed among recommended chiropractors.

free exam business cardThe other side of his business card (btw I’ve seen dozens of cards created by Dr. KGE) offers a free chiropractic examination and consultation. His office is known as the “Good Chiropractor” and it is located on Santa Monica Boulevard in west Los Angeles, California. ZIP code is 90025.

I don’t drive to that area much (I try not to cross Lincoln Boulevard in Venice beach on the weekends) but I know several great chiropractors in the West LA area (not including me).

This next chiropractors business card has a pretty neat story behind it (at least for me). It belongs to Dr. Roxane Zamora who practices in North Phoenix, Arizona. The office is known as Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Center and it’s located at 822 East Union Hills Drive. I will include complete contact information below the card in case you can’t see it.

imagine wellness chiropractic Center

I met this chiropractor on Saturday while having lunch at an excellent French restaurant in Carefree Arizona. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant but I was in good company and we had some great homemade cheesecake. Dr. Roxane was introduced to me when we sat down for lunch and she proceeded to tell me that she purchased her north Phoenix chiropractic practice thanks to a chiropractic classified ad she replied to on Planet Chiropractic. I thought that was wicked cool and wanted her information so we could follow up with an interview as to the ins and outs of purchasing chiropractic practices from online sources.

At current glance, there are 640 chiropractor practices listed for sale in the United States. I blogged about practices for sale back in December of 2007 when that number was 479. Dr. Zamora shared a great story about purchasing her practice and I intend have an article as well as podcast regarding her purchase and experience sometime soon.

Here is the office information once again for anyone that may be seeking a chiropractor in her location.

Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Center – Dr. Roxane Zamora – 822 East Union Hills Drive, Suite #22, Phoenix, AZ 85024 – Office phone number is 623-582-8951

That wraps it up for the weekends business cards, much health and abundance of life to you!


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