479 Chiropractor Practices for Sale

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was checking in on Planet Chiropractic classifieds today and noticed we have reached 479 advertisements related to selling chiropractic practices. That puts us 21 advertisements away from 500 current ads in the space of office sales. The practice for sale category has always been a popular one but growth has increased significantly since we opened up the ad network back in June of 2007.

female chiropractor adjustmentWith the holiday season upon us, I’m not so sure how many advertisements will be placed throughout the remainder of December. At the pace new advertisements are being placed in the for sale category, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that number hit 1000 by December of 2008.

Browsing through the US for sale category I’m seeing offices listed in Conway Arkansas, Farmington New Mexico, Orange City Florida, Cottonwood Arizona, Forest Hills New York, Southeast Missouri, Van Nuys California, Ann Arbor Michigan, Morgantown West Virginia, Tucson Arizona, Youngstown Ohio, and Tulsa Oklahoma. That’s just advertising appearing on the first page of 20 listings I was browsing.

I did a chiropractic practice selling interview in September of 2007 with a chiropractor from Washington, that moved to the state of California. I saw him recently at a conference and was reminded to do a follow-up interview about purchasing a chiropractic office in the state of California. When I spoke to him he mentioned he may be converting a medical office in the local-area into a chiropractic clinic.

If you have specific questions regarding buying or selling chiropractic practices, let me know and I’ll see if I can get a guest expert to answer some of those questions.

4 thoughts on “479 Chiropractor Practices for Sale”

  1. I am just starting the process of selling my practice and looking for places to post my add other than planetc1. I have submitted to some of the schools and state org, but I am wondering what else is out there.

  2. Hi! I’m one of the “experts” Dr. Dorausch mentioned (if I say so myself). But we don’t actually sell them – we just finance them and in so doing get involved in most aspects of the transaction – for free to you the seller. So feel free to contact me at 877-661-8069 x103 and see if we can help analyze your situation. We can refer you to some responsible brokers as well. This site is a good start for doing it by yourself, but believe me if it’s a good practice a good broker is well worth the commission. Good luck to you!

    Yours truly,
    Matthew Parker
    Coffman Capital Inc.

  3. I’m glad Matthew posted here because we’ve seen him around on Planet Chiropractic classifieds for years and he’s always been professional and respectful.

    Recommend you contact him with specific questions. – Mike D

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