Surface EMG & Thermography Sales

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve been talking quite a bit about getting more specific with creation of content for everything from local listings to classified advertising. I noticed some good examples earlier today of classified ad data that includes model number and location information, exactly the granular type of information I’ve been talking about.

classifieds myovision 8000 There’s a subcategory of the classifieds that features ads for thermography and surface EMG units. Looking at the screenshot we can see there are ads for a Thermeter / Neurocalometer which is wanted in Metairie, Louisiana.

Someone in Downey, California is selling a Neurodyne Semg 7000 unit. They used a brand name, model number, and location. All features that are important in getting one’s advertisement the most recognition.

I talked about going granular with classified ads in an earlier post, and I explained why it’s important to not create ads that are super short.

The ad in the screenshot for a used Dynatron 950 is a great example of including details in ones advertisements. The ad includes specifications, warranty information, operational details, and granular terms (words that would be unique to items like this) such as interferential, pre-modulated, biphasic, microcurrent, and coupling sensing.

The advertisement below it for a MyoVision 8000 Static sEMG and Tytron Thermoglide is also well created and includes granular details. According to the ad one can hook up entire unit to computer, notebook, or projector with a single USB cable (included). Also includes carrying case, training manuals, 2 brochure packs, extra scan pads and the latest software update. $5000 Free shipping!

Nearly every advertisement, whether it be for a MyoVision unit, Surface EMG 7000, Tytron c-3000, or Insight Millennium, included details and model numbers, along with information as to where the items were located.

It may seem redundant since I have gone over this stuff before, but detailed ads like this are easier to find by both humans and search engines. It’s important that your information be unique from everyone else’s, in order to be easily found. I wrote about going granular and how small businesses can be differentiating location information in my Chicagoland Chiropractors post and the West Valley Chiropractic post.

Back on the topic of classified ads, view the 479 Chiropractor Practices for Sale posed for more information about including details. And don’t forget about scams and being able to spot potential fraud.