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Simple yet Effective Chiropractic Ad Placement

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractors and others doing business within the industry of the chiropractic profession post classified ads seven days a week on the Planet Chiropractic classified ad pages. I noticed an advertisement posted yesterday that utilized a few of the features I’ve spoken about numerous times when making suggestions on going granular with ones advertisements.

seeking licensed chiropractorThe ad was placed by a chiropractic office in San Diego, California and I want to highlight a few of the things I think they did right when posting their ad. You can view listing 20950 here (at least until it expires). First thing they did right was to create a simple title that summarizes the post. For this particular ad the title read… Seeking Licensed Chiropractor in San Diego, CA which tells us what they seek and where they are located.

I notice far too many chiropractic offices post titles like chiropractor wanted, seeking licensed chiropractor, licensed chiropractic doctor needed, etc. Headlines like that may work for the chiropractor already browsing classified advertisements but it doesn’t address visitors coming from search (a good portion of web site traffic). Not only do advertisements appear in traditional search results, they are available via RSS feeds, and even appear on sites like twitter.

Besides using a good title, the poster included their phone number, location where they practice, an image from their web site, a link to their chiropractic website, and a brief description which included specific details as to where the office was located. Rather than just being general with the term San Diego, they took the time to mention that the office was located in North Park (near the downtown area) San Diego. The only thing I would have done differently would be to not include an e-mail address within the content of the post, since anyone can reply to the ad, that would decrease the likelihood that the e-mail address would be scraped.

I’ve mentioned going granular (check link above) before and this classified ads shows how simple that can be. Other examples include using terms such as Surface EMG & Thermography when posting equipment, using terms like Chicagoland or West Valley to hyper localize information, and being more specific when titling posts. If you’re selling your chiropractic practice, you wanted to stand out from the other 479 (currently 636) chiropractor practices for sale. If you’re selling adjusting tables, include some details, such as model numbers, brands, types of techniques the table may be designed for, and at least one bit of localized information.

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