Chicagoland Chiropractors

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m writing this post from a Hilton hotel in Tinley Park, Chicago. I wanted to share some thoughts on local search in this area and offer some tips on getting more granular in creating local based content for small businesses.

map of Orland Park Chicago

As my friends and I were driving around this weekend (in neighborhoods of Orland Park, Orland Hills, and Tinley Park), I was studying methods of outdoor marketing. When driving around areas like these (that I don’t often travel to) I find it valuable to pay attention to terms being used on billboards, signs, and other forms of outdoor advertising.

For example, I noticed several businesses using the term “Chicagoland” along with their brand name. I also saw some businesses use the term”Chi” as in Chi Town Harley-Davidson, or Chi Town Chiropractic.

I know quite a few chiropractors in the Illinois area and if I were going to do some searching for their businesses online I would not have used either of the terms Chicagoland or chi in my search queries. As I told Dr. Jeffrey Garofalo yesterday, I expect most people would search for a chiropractor in his area by typing Bolingbrook chiropractor, but if it was appropriate, I’d suggest he work the two terms mentioned above into his website content.

I don’t know this area quite so well, so using the term Chicagoland or Chi may not be beneficial to him. The point is that most communities, suburbs, and metro areas have terms they used to define geographic locations that may not be profiled online, but are popular in the consciousness of local consumers.

In describing Los Angeles, I often say I’m from LA. The west side, coastal beach area, nearby LAX (the airport), are all terms used to describe geographic locations without using names of cities or towns.

I spent some time talking to a lake in the hills chiropractor and I pointed out that the same principles apply in his community, even though he’s in a completely different suburban area of Chicago from his Bolingbrook brother.

When going granular on local search, it’s important to determine as many variations as possible, and get creative in weaving those terms into your content. I spoke a bit more about differentiating granular data in a previous West Valley chiropractic post. Browse through the local search section of this chiropractic blog for related posts.