New York Chiropractors Get an Update

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Was checking through names and offices listed on the May Chiropractors post and noticed a number of chiropractors based out of New York that had not yet been added to other directory pages. Changes were made yesterday and it appears that we will be featuring several chiropractors from the New York area in upcoming planet chiropractic news articles.

New York chiropractorsI haven’t been traveling to New York much in the past three years (loving the West Coast too much) but I always see New York chiropractors when I am there. I see them more frequently when we get together for conferences in the desert or places like Las Vegas.

The chiropractors in the photo to the left are Ellicott City chiropractor Dr. Steven Silverston (top) and Dr. John Gehnrich (and his wife) of Rhino Chiropractic in Rockville Centre, New York.

Ellicott City is not in New York but Dr. Steve and I are both from Queens. Dr. Johns office is not too far away from where I enjoyed my first six years of life.

The Chiropractors New York page was updated to reflect additions that appeared in the Cinco de Mayo (may 5) with comments from chiropractors across the planet.

Besides updating Rockville Centre, there were updates for Garden City, Huntington, Levittown, Howard Beach, Rochester, Merrick, Manhattan, West Babylon, and others.

From checking the comments on the chiropractors post, it looks like we’ll be seeing some featured articles on New York chiropractors in Howard Beach, Levittown, Huntington Station, New Hyde Park, South Huntington, New York City, and Dr. Fred Jones in Merrick.

I’m curious to see how practice is different in places like New York compared to states such as California. Also interesting to compare chiropractic practices in metro areas like New York City versus Chicago and Los Angeles. I’d also like to find out if the majority of chiropractors practicing in the state of New York attended chiropractic colleges in the same state, or nearby states such as Connecticut or Iowa. In Southern California, it’s rare to find a chiropractor that did not attend either CCCLA, LACC, or Pasadena Straight Chiropractic College. I sometimes meet graduates from Palmer West or Life West but it’s less frequently than the local schools.

If you have any questions for chiropractors practicing in the state of New York, add them to the comments and I will forward them on to those conducting interviews for the news articles.