Ron Paul Plans Alternative Convention in Minnesota

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Republican presidential candidate that so many people would love to see just go away, is back in the press. According to news reports the Ron Paul campaign has reserved a University Arena in Minnesota, and there are plans to hold a separate convention gathering during the national GOP convention in September. According to Paul campaign spokesperson Jessie Benton, the event is expected to be a celebration of Republican values and it’s also intended to send a message to the GOP that it’s time for Republicans to return to their roots of limited government and personal responsibility.

Ron Paul Revolution

I suspected we’d see Ron Paul news of this nature, it appears to fit with the type of stories we’ve been seeing during the past months leading up to this year’s election in November.

It was a quiet Saturday in September 2007 when I took some time to organize and report on website data on Barack Obama and other presidential hopefuls. That article included website data related to the Ron Paul campaign and I received a number of e-mails throughout the week following.

I began noticing increased Ron Paul discussion amongst chiropractic e-mail groups (which are oftentimes kept private) and on October 4, 2007 authored a blog post with my thoughts on chiropractors voting for Ron Paul. That post drew a number of comments and an equal number of e-mails from people mostly in support of the Texas medical doctor turned Congressman.

It was only a week later while attending a chiropractic conference in Arizona that I happened to be in the right place at the right time, to snap some photographs and post an article on the Ron Paul Revolution in Tempe Arizona. Apparently that article was picked up by local news affiliates in the Phoenix area and needless to say Ron Paul evangelists were rather excited as result. That article resulted in even more e-mails and plenty of people sharing their thoughts on why chiropractors should support Ron Paul.

In December of 2007 I revisited the presidential campaign website data I collected and compared it to the current information. The conclusion was that a group of liberty loving Americans were addicted to Ron Paul.

A medical doctor that has delivered thousands of babies may not be someone you’d likely think would be against government-funded mandatory vaccination programs. Ron Paul is no ordinary medical doctor and apparently freedom and individual choice is something he finds still to be important. Dr. Ron Paul has spoken out more than once on his thoughts regarding immunization and vaccines. Coming from a background of someone that actively practiced medicine and delivered thousands of babies, I’d say he’s more qualified on the topic of health care then any other presidential candidate.

After March, the Ron Paul news simmered down a bit and we got back to checking chiropractic money in politics reports and continued research on the 2008 chiropractic vote. The most current figures show the majority of chiropractic money from individuals and PACs going to the Democratic Party, but when checking individual recipients, Ron Paul was shown to have received more money from chiropractors than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

And now it looks like Ron Paul is back with plans to rally crowd of some 11,000 supporters at a University of Minnesota arena in Minneapolis on September 2. The GOP convention is scheduled to take place from September 1 through September 4, 2008 in nearby St. Paul, Minnesota.

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