Chiropractors Voting for Ron Paul

Michael DorauschBy Michael Dorausch, D.C.

He may be a medical doctor, but Ron Paul is the only US presidential hopeful name that I’ve seen consistently appearing in chiropractic e-mails, newsletters, and discussion groups. Earlier last month, I took some time to write about the web sites of Barack, Hillary, and Paul and I had been meaning to get some more news out about the 2008 election, but I’ve been focused on other things.

Just a few minutes ago I noticed a hundred plus headlines suggesting that Ron Paul has recently raised more than $5 million, thanks in part to donations being made via the Internet. Some article links I grabbed from the major media and the blogosphere include: Ron Paul’s fund raising doubled, Ron Paul’s impressive haul, Ron Paul raises 5 million, the $5 million Man, and Ron Paul raises 5 million.

Why would chiropractors be so gung ho on the Texas obstetrician, Ron Paul? I haven’t read all the e-mail discussions so I don’t yet have a reasonable idea. Taking a brief look at his issues on health care, it appears as though Ron Paul’s suggestions for health freedom are quite similar to those in the majority chiropractic interest. That’s my first guess.

To my knowledge, chiropractic organizations in the United States have historically endorsed Republican presidential candidates, yet I’ve seen no official word from 3 major US organizations: The International Chiropractors Association, the Federation of Straight Chiropractors, or the World Chiropractic Alliance, on presidential hopefuls for 2008.

I will be posting presidential related discussions to this blog, and will post all news related material to the Planet Chiropractic main index page. I think it’s soon time for a presidential posture contest, who do you think has the backbone for the job?

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  1. I agree with this, but it’s not only chiropractors — it’s alternative medicine in general. The government has a near-monopoly on medicine through the FDA and other means. They’ve recently passed a resolution which the FDA boasts will put most vitamin manufacturers out of business. There are plans to make all vitamins prescription-only. The FDA is behind the banning of several harmless natural remedies, and substances like the stevia plant sweetener which would compete with protected industries (like the corn industry’s HFCS). Ron Paul is the only one talking about protecting our rights to use and to practice alternative medicine.

  2. Ron Paul strongly supports alternative medicine. He talks about alternative medicine a surprising amount. I’m guessing that’s why he’s getting attention. Not to mention, he is the only candidate who is fit to be president – to uphold and protect the constitution.

  3. Ron Paul chatter is so high right now because of the excitement of having an AUTHENTIC Statesman as an option on the ballot. Our country’s foundation, The Consitution, has been usurped by the current administration with legislation such as the Military Comissions Act and the Patriot Act, not to mention others. He is for abolishing the Federal Reserve, requiring fiscal accountability, restoring our dollars worth. He is for dismantiling the IRS eliminating Income Tax. This will only be possible by his courageous and revolutionary Foreign policy. He wants to bring troops home from ALL parts of the world, and reinstate our forefathers vision of non-intervention and free-trade with no foreign entangling alliances. GOOGLE RON PAUL!! Check out his videos. I am a Chiropractic Student at Life University in Atlanta, and I can tell you…There is a RON PAUL REVOLUTION going on. There are banners hung on overpasses and signs posted everywhere. This is a huge opportunity for a power shift towards us…THE PEOPLE!!!! RON PAUL 2008!!

  4. Paul is a big advocate of free choice in medical care, including not such chiropractors but homeopaths, people that promote herbal remedies and so on. Given that the FDA has been pushing to increase their regulatory reach over some of these people it’s not surprising that many would support Paul.

  5. Ron Paul also has some refreshing ideas about healthcare and ways to encourage and reward individuals with tax breaks for getting health insurance.

    Health Savings Accounts would be great for alternative medicine. John Stossel just did an interesting story about Whole Foods changing their health coverage. They moved to a high deductible option and passed the savings on to their employees. Each employee gets $1500 deposited into a health savings account. They can use it for a host of things that traditional insurance wouldn’t cover like acupuncture, vitamins, and other alternative options. This also makes employees pay attention to costs because they are spending their money. Competition and consumer participation will drive down costs and drive up quality. Just look at Lasik costs and quality. They have improved since insurance companies are out of the mix.

    Free market is the best thing and socailized medicine is a horrible idea…. just ask any Veteran or Canadian waiting for a hip replacement.

    Plus Ron Paul is the only candidate who is anti-war. Even if you don’t agree with this part of his platform you can’t argue with statistics. 70% of Americans want us out of Iraq… so unless you want Hilary and her socialized medicine you should hop on the Ron Paul train to freedom!

  6. In the PBS debate, that the four “top tier” candidates decided not to attend, they were asked about health care. It came down to alternative health care that allows people to make their own decisions on how to best care for themselves.

  7. Finally this article emphasis’s more of the fact that Ron Paul will help us
    alternative medicine people. At 84 I’m in great shape with only two
    5mg. drugs that are free, but spend nearly $300.00 a month on other
    wonderful products prescribed by my nutritionist that keep me in wonderful
    condition to take yoga, etc. Still working to get off all drugs.

  8. I’m a chiropractor and I am strongly supporting Ron Paul. Unfortunately, we do live in a world where most people will only vote for the person who promises to give them the most of someone else’s stuff. With the current run for getting someone else to pay for your medical care. “Free” drugs for everyone. Arrrgh! So although I will be doing whatever I can to support Dr. Paul, I have very little faith in the vast majority of people to want to reinstitute our Constitutional Rupublic.

  9. Don’t give up hope that people can change their mindset. Did you know the word “repent” in the bible was in Greek “metanous” or “have a new mind”? There were political reasons for making the penance tie in with the english translation.

    Many people I talk to about Ron Paul are not initially convinced but over a few conversations start to open up to the idea then say he is interesting but can’t win, then later comment to me that he is gaining momentum. If he is at 5% in the polls then those 5% can keep working on the 95%. Once convinced about Ron Paul, who could consider one of the other candidates, again? So his numbers won’t go down but keep building. At some point it will hit the tipping point.

  10. Dr DAvid GRiffin will be speaking in TEmpe AZ
    7 pm feb 22 at the University PResbyterian Church
    139 E Alameda TEmpe Az.. about 9-11
    I cant figure out if your in az or calif.. probably calif.. oh well.

  11. Even though I am not a chiropractor but into alternative health myself, I voted for Ron Paul in the primary. I am extremely disappointed that more people didnt. I am amazed at the number of people that had no clue what we have missed by not getting Ron into the Presidential Race. I have never seen anyone like this man! Will we ever get a chance like this again?

  12. Found this post by accident – Ron Paul’s support of alternative health care is just one of the reasons I took time out of my schedule back on April 22 to go vote for him in the PA primary. I know the republican nomination is all wrapped up but it was just my small way of saying who I believe is the best candidate, even though I know he doesnt have a chance.

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