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California State Capitol 2010 Legislative Conference

On Michael Dorausch, DC

There is a legislative conference for chiropractors being held at the California State Capitol on Tuesday, May 11. I’d been meaning to post the information earlier but didn’t get around to it until today, sorry for the short notice.

The event is put on by the California Chiropractic Association (CCA) and there’s also going to be a CCA Political Action Committee (CCPAC) fundraiser taking place on the same day. Featured speaker of the assembly is the Hon. John Perez, who will be speaking at the morning session.

California Border

It’s too late for early registration but I think you can still call the CCA for registration information to avoid at the door pricing. CCA phone number in Sacramento is 916-648-2727.

Within the profession, chiropractic’s role in solving the health care crisis is undeniable. According to the CCA, phone calls and letter writing by doctors and their patients on legislative issues of importance are critical in educating lawmakers. But nothing beats the opportunity to meet with your state assembly member and senator to learn firsthand a lawmaker’s thoughts on the issues and answers to your questions. Chiropractor that attend will have an opportunity to demonstrate to legislators the importance of chiropractic’s issues, and attendees will be able to observe up close how a bill becomes law.

The morning session is taking place at the Esquire IMAX Theatre 1211 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. registration is at 9 AM and the conference begins at 10 AM going until 12 noon. The session includes an intense legislative overview segment and discussions on the “ins and outs” of grassroots effective lobbying. Coupled with that is interesting keynote speakers and video presentations. It will be a jampacked morning at the IMAX.

Afternoon legislative appointments include networking and opportunities for chiropractors and other attendees to meet up with assembly members and State Senators. The afternoon event takes place at the state Capitol on 10th Street and L Street – Sacramento, CA 95814. Begins at 1:30 PM and goes until 4 PM. Lunch for attendees is on your own but CCA has a list of restaurants close to the capital. Plus using Google maps you can locate dozens of restaurants near the state Capitol. A brief glance I see an alehouse brewery, a steaks and seafood house, and plenty of other well reviewed places to get a bite to eat.

Fundraiser For CCPAC: (from the CCA) The purpose of CCPAC is to help elect candidates to the state legislature who are pro-chiropractic. Organized medicine, managed care organizations and other anti-chiropractic forces continue to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to elect candidates that do not value the chiropractic profession. We are facing an election in November and thus, have a great opportunity to support pro-chiropractic candidates. CCPAC also provides ongoing support to pro-chiropractic legislators.

The fundraiser event is taking place at the Pyramid Alehouse Brewery (listed on the map link above) at 1029 K Street – Sacramento, CA 95814. Event begins at 3 PM and goes until 4:30 PM. It is a separate event from the legislative conference and attendees must register separately. Contact CCA in Sacramento for more information 916-648-2727.

Veterans Day – November 11th

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

2008 Veterans Day this year is on Tuesday, November 11th. Originally referred to as Armistice Day, Veterans Day became recognized as a US federal holiday in 1954. Being a federal holiday, nearly all government services and buildings will be closed. The US Postal Service will not deliver mail on November 11th. Delivery services such as those provided by UPS and FedEx will operate Tuesday. Most US banks are also closed on Veterans Day, and in many cases, credit unions are closed as well. Not all public schools are closed on this holiday. Check your local school districts for more information.

(photo credit – jbelluch)

I know many chiropractors that served in the US military before entering a chiropractic program. I also recall many talks from chiropractors such as James Sigafoose and Richard Santos on the importance of recognizing those who have served the nation. Chiropractors, elected officials, and military vets, have worked together in order to improve access for military veterans for chiropractic care and services. President-elect, Barack Obama, has expressed his thoughts on veteran access to chiropractic care.

It was in January of 2002 when President Bush signed legislation mandating the establishment of chiropractic benefits in the Department of Veterans Affairs health-care system. That measure had received strong bipartisan support.

In March of 2007 it was reported that a chiropractic coalition would be working together to improve access of chiropractic care for military veterans. The coalition was formed in 2002 by three national chiropractic organizations.

In May of 2007 received notice from the International Chiropractors Association that US Representative Bob Filner’s legislative initiative to provide program wide chiropractic staffing at all US Department of Veterans Affairs facilities, H.R. 1470, had passed out of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs and was now be considered by the Full House of Representatives.

In November of 2007 it was reported that California Representative Bob Filner had introduced a Chiropractors to Keep our Veterans Healthy Act, which would provide for direct access to chiropractic care for veterans, expand the list of chiropractic services available to eligible veterans, and provide veterans with a better way of making their own health care decisions.

Several Veterans Day articles were summarized in a 2007 post titled chiropractic for veterans. Visit planet chiropractic news for a list of 2008 Veterans Day parades and related activities.

So, Monday, November 10 2008, is not a federal holiday. Veterans Day 2008 (which is a federal holiday) is on Tuesday, November 11. It can be confusing (likely because of Memorial Day) but don’t get the holidays mixed up.

I'm Voting on California State Propositions

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I don’t know about the rest of the nation, but there’s been a lot of discussion going on in the state of California related to a number of propositions coming up during this year’s election day. I put together a brief list below of how I am voting for each of the 12 propositions related to the state of California. If you have any reasonable information related to any of these propositions that you feel I should know about, feel free to share them.

Proposition 1A. Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train — voting no — Pretty much everything I’ve heard regarding this rail system sounds like it would be a major waste of money for the state of California.

Proposition 2. Standards for Confining Farm Animals — voting yes — Even though I eat those chickens, cows and pigs, I feel bad that they are confined to such tight quarters. I believe that farm animals should be allowed to fully extend their limbs or wings, lie down, stand up and turn around. Wouldn’t any chiropractor?

Proposition 3. Children’s Hospital Bond Act. Grant Program — voting no — As if we don’t already waste enough money on hospitals. I suspect this will go through, even though I have no interest in seeing it do so.

Proposition 4. Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy — voting no — This one’s been a tough decision for me. Reason I’m voting no is I don’t see that we should have to change the California Constitution to prohibit abortion for unemancipated minors. I don’t have any girls though so I can imagine parents having many different thoughts on this issue.

Proposition 5. Nonviolent Drug Offenses, Sentencing, Parole and Rehabilitation — voting no — There’s no way I’d want to see more money being allocated towards more drug treatment programs. Drugs are drugs, whether pushed or prescribed, and we’ve got to change our attitudes towards them.

Proposition 6. Police and Law Enforcement Funding. Criminal Penalties and Laws — voting yes — I’m all for supporting the Po Po in the state of California. Lets get them some more funding.

Proposition 7. Renewable Energy Generation — voting no — I don’t trust the language on this one. Sounds a bit fishy in a wasting taxpayer dollars kind of way.

Proposition 8. Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry — voting no — I’ll be honest, I’ve seen some of those Christian commercials and paused to think about this one, but the reality is I really couldn’t give a rip who someone decides to marry. I’ve taken care of many same-sex couples in my chiropractic office and it really sucks that they don’t get the same rights as married couples in the state do.

Proposition 9. Criminal Justice System. Victims’ Rights. Parole — voting yes — I don’t have a lot of details on this one from what I’ve read so far it looks like I’ll be voting yes.

Proposition 10. Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy. Bonds — voting no — $5 billion in bonds paid from the state’s general fund to help research sound like a really bad idea to me. Going alternative has got to be a really lucrative industry and I imagine privately owned companies will compete to bring us the best products and services available.

Proposition 11. Redistricting — voting no — I’m currently voting no on this proposition but I’m not completely decided. Maybe someone else has more information.

Proposition 12. Veteran’s Bond Act of 2008 — voting yes — I’ll be voting yes for $900 million in bonds to be issued to provide Farm and home aid for California veterans. I believe most veterans get a raw deal (at least that’s what it appears like to me) and we should be doing all we can to provide for them after their years of service to our state and country.

How did I do? 🙂

October 2 Trends: Vice Presidential Debate 2008

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve been trend watching all day.

The phrase “vice presidential debate live” was number one at top of Google’s hot trends when I got home from the office tonight. That phrase was followed by watch vp debate online, vp debate live stream, vp debate 2008 time, palin debate, palin bingo, palin biden debate live, and others. I came home towards the end of the debate so in many cases, the searches were still volcanic.

I’ve talked about trends many times before, with an election related trends post back in January of 2008. This post is less about politics and more about how as humans we perform searches online. It’s uncanny as to how predictable we actually are. Those that have heard me speak at conferences, events, and in bars, know this is a topic I’m passionate about. Follow the trends and learn to predict what’s coming next.

Presidential Debate TrendsTo the left is a screenshot that I took just after the October 2, 2008 vice presidential debate ended. Notice it was updated about an hour before I took the screenshot which pretty much puts the data write about in the middle of the debate time.

The top three phrases are specific to individuals on computers (at least that’s my take). The following four phrases are all related to the debate (palin bingo is related in case you’re wondering).

Ho-Hum and maybe not so exciting for you but I dig this stuff. The top three searches show massive amounts of people searching for stuff going on right now.

Before I left the office I printed out the hottest searches taking place around 6 p.m. Pacific time. Number one on that list was “vice presidential debate time” followed by “vp debate 2008 time” and then “palin biden debate time.” 3 volcanically hot searches all generally asking the same thing; what time is this event going to happen?

Looking at the difference in search popularity from before the debate to during the debate we can see that the trend went from what time can I watch to how can I watch (more specifically, how can I watch online).

Vice presidential debate news that was posted on planetchiropractic early this morning include information about what time the debate was taking place and where it was being held. If you read that article, you’ll notice it includes tags such as palin biden debate time and vp debate 2008 time. Those particular phrases were based on searches I noticed early in the morning and they were included with the article when posted. It’s too early for me to say whether using the terms affected search traffic but I will know tomorrow.

The debates are not over. We still have more to come before the November election. What you think the odds are we as a species will continue searching in a similar fashion? If you’re covering politics and posting related content you may be interested to pay attention to these trends and adjust your posts accordingly.

For those interested, below is a list of VP debate search trends I noticed throughout the day…

  • vice presidential debate live
  • watch vp debate online
  • vp debate live stream
  • vp debate 2008 time
  • palin debate
  • palin bingo
  • palin biden debate live
  • vp debate drinking game
  • vp debate washington university
  • biden bingo
  • sarah palin debate time
  • sarah palin drinking game
  • palin/biden debate
  • vp debate tv schedule
  • presidential debate october 2
  • biden plan debate time
  • v.p. debate
  • v p debate
  • vice pres debate time
  • debate bingo
  • veep debate
  • debate tonight

I’m predicting the following three as potential hot trend terms for October 15, 2008.

Debate Hofstra University
Presidential Debate Hofstra University
2008 Presidential Debate Hofstra University

Hofstra University (in Hempstead, New York) is the site of the October 15, 2008 presidential debate. It is the last debate before the presidential election.

Update: what should now seem obvious (20/20 hindsight) the top 2 searches immediatly following the debate were…. who won the vp debate & who won the vice presidential debate

We are a peculuar people.

CCA Chiropractor Speech 2006

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Read the related news post on becoming a member of the California Chiropractic Association. The associated video featured Doctor of Chiropractic, John Bueler, Jr. speaking at a CCA event on June 10, 2006. The video is available here and text from the video has been transcribed and provided below.

June 10, 2006
John Bueler, Jr., DC
— At some point in time we’re going to have to learn to disagree without dividing. At some point in time we’re going to have to replace bickering and complacency with gratitude and thanksgiving for those that have paved the way for us to experience the beauty and miracles of chiropractic, and then use that gratitude as fuel for us to make it a little easier for the generations to come. At some point in time we’re going to have to trust each other because we are all we’ve got. At some point in time I’m going to have to say to you how can I help you because I cannot and will not let you fail. At some time the 10,000 chiropractors of this state are going to have to stand united, despite our differences, despite our philosophies, despite our techniques, and despite our conflicts, and rise up and shout once and for all that we will no longer stand at the back of the bus. I say that time is now and I say that place is here. Thank you.

Stop the Drama Vote for Obama

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I grabbed this photograph on Friday when a patient in my chiropractic office in Los Angeles took off his jacket to lay face down on an adjusting table.

stop the drama

Were not talking politics in my chiropractic office (although many patients have initiated discussion) but we’ve had several 2008 election related posts to the Planet Chiropractic web site. One of the most popular is website secrets, which took a look at how three presidential candidates were optimizing their web sites for search engines.

Just yesterday we had a news post about 2008 presidential and party funding from healthcare organizations. Interesting figures, especially since health care is such a big topic this year. Earlier in the month we covered where chiropractic money was going for presidential candidates and we’ve had a few related posts on money in politics. Where the money is going now, is significantly different from where it went in September of 2000.

No word yet from any of the national chiropractic organizations on who they intend to endorse for this year’s 2008 presidential election. According to the trends, it appears as though support will go to a Democratic candidate. I may not have that information until August or September, but it will certainly be posted to the news pages when the information is available.

Schwarzenegger Most Chiropractic Connected Political Figure

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is likely the most connected political figure to the profession of chiropractic, certainly the best known. Earlier, I was preparing a news article for the International Chiropractors Associations 16th annual fitness symposium when I noticed a number of various articles on Planet Chiropractic referenced Schwarzenegger.

California Governor Arnold SchwarzeneggerThere was a February 2006 article regarding the appointment of chiropractor and bodybuilding legend, Franco Colombo, to the California State Board of chiropractic examiners.

There was an August 2007 news article regarding the signing of the California budget, along with news about new Google news features.

There was an October 2007 article (from the ICA) regarding Governor Schwarzenegger’s veto of Senate Bill 801, an attempt at limiting access to chiropractors for consumers.

There was an April 2000 article with Arnold Schwarzenegger delivering support for chiropractic, and stating… “Chiropractic is about health and fitness. Chiropractic is about natural, preventive health care. What you are doing, and I have experienced this for the last 30 years myself on my own body, means that whenever I have a problem-or even if I don’t have a problem-and I go to a chiropractor, my problems are gone for a long time.”

There was September 2006 article when Schwarzenegger signed the global warming bill in California, an October 2006 article with the governor saying no to an Asian massage and acupuncture bill, and a mention in the May 2007 news article regarding John Maltby and his ICA award as 2007 chiropractor of the year.

Schwarzenegger was even mentioned in a June 2001 article about Jill Brown, the world’s greatest stunt performer. Jill Brown recently did stunts in films I Am Legend, American Gangster, The Good Shepherd, and Enchanted. She is best known for her work as stunt double for Jennifer Lopez in the 2000 film The Cell.

Back to the governor, he is mentioned in a December 2007 article on hotels hosting conferences, as well as this November 2007 article on fitness seminars.

Election 2008 Has America Interested

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s impressive to see the number of people searching online this evening for topics related to the 2008 election and the New Hampshire primary results. This article is not about politics or today’s primary, it’s a glimpse into what we as Americans have been seeking throughout the day.

The thanks behind the creation of this topic goes to a very interesting tool provided by Google known as Hot Trends. Think of it like an exit poll that allows us to get a look as to what people’s thoughts were throughout the day.

Like millions of others did today, I came home from my work wondering what the New Hampshire primary results were. I had heard bits of news throughout the day regarding John McCain and the other candidates but I don’t watch television, so I went to the net for more information. It looked like the major media companies were waiting to release their stories on Wednesday morning (January 9) so I figured I’d check out what was hot in search. Take a look at the screenshots.

Cindy McCain Maggie Williams

This first screenshot shows the top 50 topics people have been searching for during the past few hours. As you can see, the most volcanic results are for Cindy McCain (John McCain’s wife). Notice the number 2 search is exactly the same as number one except it’s coming from someone that does not know McCain’s wife’s first name. What I love about this is we are given two clear examples of how to search for the same thing.

We see another example in position number 3 with people searching for a candidate calculator. You may not know it but results number four and number five are related to number three. Most people were searching for a web site called but we can see the majority did not know the name of the site. They did however know what they were looking for (the calculator) and the results suggest they found it.

I’m not going to go through all of the first top 50 but let’s look at how many are directly related to today’s election results. From what I can see there are at least 28 of the top 50 searches related to the primaries and elections. America has been seeking more information regarding upcoming primaries such as the Michigan primary and the South Carolina primary.

One search that really stood out is the “who should I vote for”in position number 36. (You’re welcome to post who we should vote for in the comments) Another that stands out is the search for Ron Paul New Hampshire. Notice that he is the only candidate being actively searched by name (out of the top 50 results). That is likely due to the incredibly Internet savvy audience the medical doctor from Texas has as a following (and the suspicion he’s been excluded in much of the major media coverage).

One of the reasons I saved screenshots of these search results is that they are updated regularly and I wanted to be able to show them for historical purposes. Let’s take a look at the screenshot for number 51 through 100.

goose Gossage cheesy proofs

In the bottom 50 there are not as many search results related to election information. Some of the quick stuff that stands out for me is the primary schedule, superdelegates, super Tuesday, election coverage, candidate selector, and candidate quiz.

Result number 59 (register to vote) is exciting as it shows people are actively seeking information and they are likely folks that are not yet registered. We see more evidence of upcoming primary searches with the terms Wyoming primary, Florida primary, Michigan polls, and maybe even Democratic primary. I don’t think that the search for petrified wood (number 55) has anything to do with the search for McCain age (number 72) but he is one of the oldest candidates running. He was born in August of 1936 and is 71 years old. Ron Paul is 72. For those wondering, Barack Obama was born in August of 1961 and Hillary Clinton was born in October of 1947 (Hillary and I almost share a birthdate).

I notice a search for Danny Aiello in position number 60. Now he’d make a great president! Especially in his Jacob’s Ladder character that barges into the hospital and yells “this is barbaric!” For those of you that don’t know, Danny played the role of a chiropractor in that film, and that was probably my favorite scene.

OK, let’s actually get you some resources that will come in handy throughout the rest of 2008. Here is Google News for primary results and here’s the link for CNN politics. For those of you wanting to register to vote you can do so at Rock the Vote.

For those of you interested in search engine findings and reports related to candidate web sites, check out my two earlier in-depth posts on Barack Obama (also includes information about Hillary Clinton website) and Ron Paul.







Ron Paul Revolution Quantcast November Report

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Earlier today I posted news to Planet Chiropractic (Addicted to Ron Paul) regarding a significant change in web related data, when comparing web site traffic from September through November, for,, and

ronpaul 2008 web siteThe news section of the Planet Chiropractic website does not support comments so this post was created for those that have been e-mailing me. I’ll go into more specific details on the news post here, and this is the place to post your related comments.

Other Ron Paul related articles on this site include: Why Chiropractors Should Support Ron Paul and Chiropractors Voting for Ron Paul, which appear on this blog, and Ron Paul Revolution in Tempe Arizona which appeared on the web sites main news page.

Just in case someone wanted to question my methods in gathering data for todays news article, I checked a 2nd popularity measuring website (compete) for additional data that would refute or support my findings.

The numbers coming from are even higher than those coming from Quantcast, and that’s for the single domain. I have yet to see a major media outlet perform a detailed site traffic analysis on 08′ presidential campaign websites, how about it?

Chiropractic for Veterans

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

When you’ve been managing content on your web site for nearly 10 years, you sometimes lose track of posts you have made in the past. There was a news article on Planet Chiropractic today regarding the Keep Our Veterans Healthy Act HR 1471 and I was thinking when I posted the article that a similar one had appeared on the web site previously. After searching I discovered some related articles.

There was an article posted on March 22 of 2007 related to better access for military veterans. Rep. Bob Filner of California, Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Rep. Shelley Berkley of Nevada are all mentioned in the article.

There was a March 2002 article from the World Chiropractic Alliance regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs. The article was a call to action to have chiropractors and their patients contact Senators and Representatives and ask them to contact the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs urging him to make sure chiropractic benefits are implemented without delay and as fully as possible.

In May of 2007 there was an ICA article regarding Chiropractic Care for Veterans. This article was related to the same HR 1470 post that was made today.

I found a January 2002 article featuring President Bush signing a chiropractic Veterans Bill mandating the establishment of chiropractic benefits in the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) health care system. According to the article, the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) helped champion the inclusion of the term “subluxation” to the bill, instead of it being strictly neuromuscular.

There was one more article from May of 2007 regarding the House Committee and the passing of six veterans health-care measures. The measures included HR 612, HR 2199 (for traumatic brain injury research), HR 1863, HR 67, and HR 1470 (which was again in the press today).