Stop the Drama Vote for Obama

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I grabbed this photograph on Friday when a patient in my chiropractic office in Los Angeles took off his jacket to lay face down on an adjusting table.

stop the drama

Were not talking politics in my chiropractic office (although many patients have initiated discussion) but we’ve had several 2008 election related posts to the Planet Chiropractic web site. One of the most popular is website secrets, which took a look at how three presidential candidates were optimizing their web sites for search engines.

Just yesterday we had a news post about 2008 presidential and party funding from healthcare organizations. Interesting figures, especially since health care is such a big topic this year. Earlier in the month we covered where chiropractic money was going for presidential candidates and we’ve had a few related posts on money in politics. Where the money is going now, is significantly different from where it went in September of 2000.

No word yet from any of the national chiropractic organizations on who they intend to endorse for this year’s 2008 presidential election. According to the trends, it appears as though support will go to a Democratic candidate. I may not have that information until August or September, but it will certainly be posted to the news pages when the information is available.