Health is that Condition Within the Body

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This is a continuation of the 1997 presentation by chiropractor, Ian Grassam. It was initially recorded at a chiropractic conference in Orange County California and transcribed from audio to text earlier this year. The initial post is titled: Leadership and Focus with Chiropractor Ian Grassam.

See, when you know that health is that condition within the body where all tissues, cells, systems and organs are expressing their potential – and you know this, and you can tap into the internet and you can pick up the books around the country – we’re in the information age. We’re at a time where the subluxation has been removed from the communication networks of this nation. Everything that our parents were raised with and so many of us were raised with, we were raised with an information program – it was a disinformation program. It was a program where the government decided what you should hear when it came to health care – is that not true?

David’s out here fighting because you have your government trying to put poison into your drinking system. For no other reason than profitability for some entity somewhere – do you understand that? This industry is willing to put your life and the life of your children at risk for the sake of a few dollars.

Chiropractors Ian Grassam and Fred Barge(photo: Chiropractors Ian Grassam and Fred Barge – taken in 1997 at CCCLA)

This is happening across this country. This disinformation campaign is what you and I have lived with all these years. Madison Avenue decides how you should think. The average guy, the working Joe out there – whether he’s an electrician or a carpenter or a plumber, whatever the case may be – he’s had it drilled into his head for the last twenty years that the minute he comes to the end of the day he should begin to get drunk. Isn’t quitting time Miller Time? Do you think that’s an accident?

This is a devious, planned program modeled to move you through the various parts of your life based on the needs of some profitability mechanism within some large corporation. It’s Miller Time.

Cigarette smoking. All of these habits are continually, disinformation-plan-wise, led to you through your children, through your television, through everything. To the extent where they are willing to poison you for the sake of profit. Poison for profit is what David is talking about. David, and people like him, need your support but they above all need your leadership.

Because, see, listen to what’s happening. David is having a difficult time in so many places. Because there’s no understanding of health in the people. We live in a system that is able to sell the public tens of billions and hundreds of billions of dollars of cures from the outside in, don’t we? You can go into your drug store, and what’s happening now? That which used to be written by prescription is now what – over the counter. Now what’s the difference between prescription strength and over-the-counter strength? How many you take. Over-the-counter strength, multiply by three, you’re at prescription strength. We’re going to get a direct impact right from the chemical drug world over the counter to you. OTC – into your home.

And as Fred, in his speeches that we did at the colleges over the last few days, he talks about the fact that our nation is made up of people who were born in a medicine cabinet – as BJ said. Born in a medicine cabinet. Born with an understanding – I shouldn’t say born with an understanding, but born and then educated to an understanding. Trained to an understanding that no matter who they are, where they are, where they come from they are insufficient. They’re not enough. They’re lacking. They were brought into this world with something missing and that something that’s missing can be brought to them by their local pharmaceutical and drug store.

That’s the belief system which the people you and I are working with believe. And that’s why it makes it so difficult for David Kennedy, or anyone else for that matter, to go to these people and say you’re poisoning yourself.

Remember, their understanding of sickness and disease is a roll of the dice. Is it not? Gee – what did I do. Why me? What did I do to deserve this sickness? What did I do to deserve this illness? What did my loving child do to deserve this sickness and disease, to be born with? We live in a nation of victims. But they became victims through a disinformation campaign that was put into their hearts and minds to weaken them as a people.

This is what you’re dealing with. It’s not that those people aren’t capable of learning, as they have been told that they are ignorant and they’re weak. And they’re insufficiently made, although miraculously made, insufficiently made. It’s a dichotomy that’s got to be driving people crazy because they go to church on Sunday and they are told that they are miraculously made and then come Monday they are told they are insufficiently manufactured because a lot of chemicals were left out at the point of conception. What kind of… I mean, is this a spin-bin or what? This is where people live. Can you imagine? We talked about why people don’t move forward, why they don’t experience a more successful life – why they don’t experience a more healthful life and a happier life. Why are they so screwed up?

It is not an accident that people are screwed up. They don’t know whether to go right or left. They life in that world of paralysis of analysis and lay there like an attitude of victims for the rest of their life – waiting for someone to bring joy, someone to bring happiness, someone to bring health. They’re sitting there waiting for life to show up, because they’ve been trained that were born life deficient. They’ve got a life deficiency syndrome brought to you by Madison Avenue and the drug industry.

If I have you believing that sickness and disease is some ethereal thing that floats from the outside in, and comes down upon you through the wrath of god – which is what these diseases are called aren’t they? Isn’t that what AIDS was referred to? It was the “wrath of god.”

As Fred talks about – sickness, disease started out as causation with demons. Demons were those mystical things you couldn’t see that were brought to you by whenever you got off the given path. The demons went on to become bacteria. Bacteria were also those things that you couldn’t see, taste, touch or feel – am I right?

The mystery sandwich was sold to you every day. That you couldn’t handle it, there was something you couldn’t see, you were too stupid. How many times have you heard it? Pat em’ on the head, give them two aspirins and send them home. The ignorance of the medical profession and the fact that that ignorance turned into power through Madison Avenue has caused the problems we deal with today. Because when you sit down with people and you tell them the basic chiropractic story they say, “Well God, why didn’t somebody tell me that twenty years ago?”

Because it’s so honest and so simple. You are dealing with mass ignorance across this nation that was done on purpose. And you’ve got to stop and realize that this is an organized program. You have a lot of work to do. You’ve got to realize that this medical paradigm can only exist in a field of ignorance. Medicine can not stand the light of information. Organized medicine, as you and I know it, can not live in the light of the information age. Medicine, and the way it is practiced, and the way that you see it portrayed every day is on its way out as we speak.

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