It’s All About The Love

Today is a day of love, a day in which we express our emotions for one another. Every day in our lives should be like today. For several years, there has been a saying among many of my friends, “it’s all about the love.”

“It’s all about the love” is a statement that is made when we experience something beautiful, when we witness a kind act, or simply when we share with one another. However, when we witness an act of contradiction or an act of deception, we turn to each other and say, “where is the love in that?”

It’s often been said that we need to first love ourselves before we can love others. Is this a difficult task, to love one’s self? And then, are we not all one? We are all made up of the same particles of matter. How can one find love in another yet not find love in themselves? I believe that some of us may be looking for love in “all the wrong places.” Maybe we need to look within ourselves and ask, “where is the love in that?”

There are people that are a part of our mission in chiropractic, our spouses, our families, our staff, our patients, that may not necessarily be chiropractors. Many of these people are doing more for chiropractic than those of us that have a D.C. after our name. Is that not true? Where is the love in that?

These people love you and they believe in you. They believe in you with such faith that they have committed their lives to you. In the short time that I have been a chiropractor, I have yet to find a successful one that does not have someone standing at their side. A person to share the love, a person to be constructively critical of their actions, a guide, an angel, a partner. A partner that has a deep commitment in what it is that we do. For them,

…it’s all about the love.

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