Pumpkin Contests and Halloween Decoration Ideas

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Not all chiropractic offices decorate or celebrate during the time of Halloween. Our chiropractic office in the beach cities of Los Angeles has been decorated with different themes year after year. We used to have candy guessing contests but this year we’ve moved away from the sugary sweets and are focusing more on a theme for the day. This year our patients will be welcomed to the Ninja Chiropractic Center on the day of October 31st and we are expecting to have loads of fun. That’s what we will be up to, here’s what a few other chiropractic offices are doing in their part of the world.

pumpkin head with medication and syringesDr. Ken Gee Ehrlich of Santa Monica writes… What we are doing for halloween is a mini pumpkin decorating contest. I get some cool prizes like a stereo system for 1st place and some other cool stuff for 2nd and 3rd. I buy about 50 mini pumpkins and let the patients take them home and decorate them and bring them back on the week before halloween. On halloween the patients vote for their favorite. The photo is from last years winner and her pumpkin on medications. That was her before she came to see me.

Dr. Danita Thomas Heagy in St. Augustine Florida writes… As far as Halloween, we have often dressed up, decorated the office or varying degrees of “party” atmosphere. Some of my arachnophobia patients have taught me to keep out the spider webs if I want them to be adjusted during the month of October, and some of my (less observant) patients missed that I was even in costume. It is a great fun way to teach patients.

Donna Moore from Redding California writes… We encourage patients to limit the amount of candy their kids consume after Halloween. We suggest they let the child pick out 6 favorite pieces to enjoy the next week, then trade the rest (often a big bag) and go to the store to pick out a special toy instead. The children are happy with a new toy and the parents are happy with less sickness following the sugar high the following week. What to do with the left over bag? Take it to a local homeless shelter, or put it in the garbage!

In the office, we go to the local health food store and get a sugar-free candy to pass out. Patients who come in wearing a costume often get a picture with the doctor to go up on our photo board. These pictures bring smiles for years to come.

Our holiday decorations focus on the “Fall” theme so as not to offend patients who do not participate in this holiday.

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