Dead Chiropractic Society 2009 Conference in Orange County

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Orange County rocked again with chiropractic glory on March 7, 2009, as chiropractors from around the United States gathered for a day of philosophy, camaraderie, passion, and laughs. Getting together with friends is a major bonus side effect of attending events like the DCS, it’s important to remind ourselves there are others of similar mindset, moving forward with a focus on living life to its fullest.

Toggle Upper Cervical Healer Michael Moore(photo: Chiropractor Michael Moore in Toggle mode)

Someone it’s always a pleasure to see was Chiropractor Michael Moore. Michael is a third-generation chiropractor, and graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. He practices in Northern California, specifically in the city of Redding, in a recently custom built healing center.

A few months ago Michael mailed us a DVD of his uniquely built chiropractic office. Chiropractors that have visited have told me an energy of vitalism flows through it. We hope to be featuring video and photos of the office sometime soon. It’s an incredible place.

I know many good chiropractors, and plenty of great chiropractors, but Dr. Moore is in a class of his own. If there was a scoring system, Michael Moore would be on top, as a leading healer amongst chiropractic professionals. A truly amazing individual.

Two Chiropractors One Table — I’ll spare you the video, these two chiropractors (shown in photo below) are not only dedicated and passionate about their field, they are fun guys to be around. In the photo, Long Island chiropractor John Gehnrich lies on a chiropractic table, while San Diego chiropractor John Condon checks his lumbar spine.

Dr. John Condon & Dr. John Gehnrich
Doctors John and John looking rather buddy buddy. Both chiropractors paused for the photo opportunity. I’ve known both of these chiropractors for several years, they are terrific doctors of chiropractic. John Gehnrich and I were both in Panama for a humanitarian health-care mission in 1998. I believe that’s when we first met.

Dr. John Condon I’ve been seeing at Schofield Chiropractic Training seminars in Arizona during the past eight years. We’ve been on many hot summer runs together, (5 am when in Phoenix in July-August), and he’s quite proficient in triathlon training, marathon training, and adventure race training.

Besides John G and John C there was John B, who didn’t know I’d be photographing his Red Ford F-150 in the parking lot. It received a post of its own, since I found the chiropractor customizations very cool.

Some chiropractors specialize in better aerodynamics, like Colorado chiropractor Dr. Steve Visentin and San Clemente Chiropractor, Dr. Tim Swift.

Aerodynamic Chiropractors
We featured an article on Dr. Tim Swift and his introduction to chiropractic, back in July of 2008. Dr. Steve Visentin has appeared in numerous articles and chiropractic blog posts. Dr. V is one of those chiropractors that never lets up. He sends us nearly all of his marketing material to share with other small-business owners, and he’s always sharing with others when at conferences. Steve sent us his digital pedometer postcard and shared a success story, he also sent a great auto accident checklist (which pretty much anyone could make a copy of and use to promote their business, while also giving people something of value).

Various business cards have been popular on the chiropractic blogs, and Dr. Steve has shared quite a few versions of his business cards. The 6 Card Monday is an example of one of those posts related to business cards.

Lots more photos coming from the Southern California DCS philosophical weekend, stay tuned throughout the week for more photographs and news from the event. @ 6:47 pm | Article ID: 1236563277

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