Wellness Doctor Questions Get Answered

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

At Planet Chiropractic, we receive many questions from prospective students, active doctors of chiropractic, those attending chiropractic school, and people having questions about chiropractic and other forms of health care. We do our best to answer questions but we’re not always going to have the best or correct answer. That doesn’t mean people shouldn’t get their questions answered. Finding the best information is one of the main reasons I surround myself with multiple different experts inside and outside the field of chiropractic. Thanks to social media, web sites and blogs, many of those experts are only a click away.

If you could ask one question about creating an ultrasuccessful wellness center, what would your most important question be? Now that’s obviously a question going to be asked primarily by healthcare professionals. Most patients aren’t interested in how you run your business, they want to get well, stay well, and perform at the peak of their ability. But doctors of chiropractic often have questions for those who already are ultrasuccessful in practice (and/or in life). Two of those successful chiropractors happen to be wellness doctors Jason Deitch and Jeff Spencer.

I noticed something very interesting this weekend, that reminded me of the importance of getting answers from true successful practitioners, regardless of the field they specialize in. I mention Twitter quite regularly on planetchiropractic.com and on the chiropractic blog pages. I use the micro blogging service quite constantly, for article creation, to get my own questions answered (like ice versus heat), and to converse with friends. I also use Twitter to follow seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.

What does this have to do with experts in the field of wellness? Well, Lance Armstrong (along with hundreds of other cyclists) was cycling the streets of Los Angeles this past weekend, raising funds for various charities. Armstrong uses twitter to share what he’s up to with his fans. On Saturday he saw Ben Harper perform, received a new Trek Madone, reported a great ride in Los Angeles, and had a check up from Jeff Spencer. Did you get that last part?

Check up from Jeff Spencer
And just got a check up from Jeff Spencer too. He’s been checking on this old body for 10 years!

I would think that the chiropractor providing care to Lance Armstrong for the past 10 years would have some exceptional knowledge on the topic of wellness and ultra success in practice. Wouldn’t it be awesome if chiropractors could message Dr. Jeff Spencer and get their questions answered? More awesome, is the fact that it’s a reality, they can get their questions answered.

Chiropractors that are interested, have to get their questions in soon (I’d suggest doing so ASAP) at the web site askthewellnessdoctor.com. The directions are easy, go to the Wellness Doctor website and type in your most important question you have for either Jason Deitch or Jeff Spencer. Even if you don’t have a specific question, you can still fill out information (they will not spam you) and get details for their webcast (next one is tomorrow, Tuesday March 10, at 5 p.m. Pacific standard Time).

I’m looking forward to hearing the broadcast myself, so I’m hoping you’re going to ask some really important questions, let’s keep growing and moving forward!

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