Daylight Savings Time Change 2008

By Daria Belov

When does daylight savings time end? The answer depends on where you live. For most people in the United States, it’s time to change your clocks and fall back on November 2nd, as the official US time changes tonight, at 2 a.m. local time.

time to fall back - daylight savings Time 2008(photo credit Victor Nuno)

For most of the US, daylight savings time change takes place tonight at 2 a.m. local time. Clocks will be falling back, giving many an extra hour of needed sleep, after this Halloween weekend. Residents of the state of Arizona, which is in the Mountain Time zone, will not be turning back clocks, since the state does not recognize the twice a year daylight savings time change.

Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, in the Atlantic Time zone, also don’t followed daylight savings time changes. The same goes for Hawaii, which is in the Aleutian time zone. Those traveling to and from any of these areas, may want to take note of that.

For many in the US, adjusting to the time change goes rather smoothly, since most are asleep when the change occurs. If you are working on Sunday morning, or planning to attend scheduled events, like the New York City Marathon, it’s good to plan ahead. At least it’s not as bad as in the spring, when we change clocks forward. Those unaware of the time change and arriving at events tomorrow would be an hour early, and that may be a good thing if you are going to be in NYC.

Most computing operating systems, like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X Leopard, are programmed to automatically adjust to changes in time. Here are some resources for users of various computer operating systems…

Microsoft – Preparing for daylight saving time changes in 2008
Mac OS X – Daylight Saving Time Update (Tiger)

While computers, and many cellular and mobile electronics, can be programmed to adjust to seasonal time changes, there’s still the standard household appliances that will require change. Things that come to mind for me are clock in the car, clock on the oven, clock in my digital camera, my wrist watch, and the clock on my microwave.

The official US time is available via the US government website, the web site uses Java and it displays atomic time. You don’t need to go there to get the correct time of day though, if you perform a simple search in Google. No guarantee this will work for you (see the screenshot below) but if you enter the simple phrase “what time is it” the results should return your local time, along with times for major cities in other US time zones.

what time is it?
The toughest part for most of us comes Monday morning when we have to get up for work and again Monday evening when it suddenly appears to be getting dark so much earlier. It’s one more reminder that the season has changed and we are well into the fall. Time to start thinking about Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales events, and college football. Whenever you’re planning to do on Sunday, hopefully you are enjoying the extra hour of sleep!

Oh, now you can be on time for those appointments you have this week with your local chiropractor. Tell your chiropractor, “time is on my side doc, let’s get it adjusted.”

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